Flash Emulation, Brave BAT

Flash Emulation with Browser

@Mike worked over the last few months to create a browser that allows Flash to be played via emulator. It was our plan to surprise everyone by supporting classic content on NG this fall, but the information leaked too early so we are now out of the woods. You can check out Ruffle.rs for the latest!

Ruffle, written in Rust programming language, targets the desktop as well as the Web using Web Assembly. It is now open-source and there are many contributors. A browser extension is being developed that can detect old Flash code and replace it with Ruffle. This means you could go to any website, and Flash will eventually just work.

Newgrounds will be replacing Flash embed codes so that you don’t have to install a browser extension. To track whether Flash projects work in emulators, we’ll add a true/false attribute to each Flash project. Initial coverage will be animated content. Then, we’ll gradually increase our scope to include more games. Because Flash games will be available on mobile, we’ll track which Flash games can be used with touch screens.

Flash security reputation is not a concern. This project is completely open-source and security problems would only be with the browser. The Flash plugin, on the other hand, was closed source that provided unique exploits.

Brave browser and BAT

We set up NG this week to accept Basic Attention tokens (BAT). It is decentralized, open-source and built on Ethereum. Brendan Eich is the cofounder of Mozilla, JavaScript’s creator, and co-founder. The goal of the project is to connect users, content creators and advertisers to create new ways to value attention.

You can leave a tip if you visit Newgrounds via Brave by clicking the button in your browser’s header. This will be tested to determine if the system works well and whether it is worth expanding to other user accounts. If Brave is new to you, you can use the referral link. We’ll give you some BAT for being a regular Brave user.

Brave prevents all ads from Newgrounds. It would greatly appreciate if you become a supporter. This is the most effective and direct way to assist Newgrounds. One hundred and seventy-eight supporters are away from the big prize – complete removal of ads from E-M Art view pages through at least 2019! In an ideal world, NG would not need any ads.

Brave is not compatible with many HTML5 games because it lacks WebGL support. To play these, you’ll need to use a browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Other News

Have a look at my August playlist! Every month, I make a playlist with music I love from NG. It can be anything I enjoy that you like while at work.

Madness Day will be September 22nd. Prizes this year include Steam keys to Madness Project Nexus , Hank pins and Steam keys for Madness Project.

Robot Day Monday, and there’s still time to create some robot-themed artwork!

In May, the newgrounds writing community participated in an original Newgrounds Characters competition. The contest is now in its second phase. An NG OC Art Contest! Artists can visualize the characters of the winning story and create an animation pilot.

You might also like the Remix Contest or NEAR Deadline Art Contest .

We are building an updated storage system on the back end. This happens as space demand continues to rise. We’ll then set up tus servers to allow for file uploads that can be resumed, so files large enough to prevent interruptions from being lost are not lost. It is possible that the new project system will launch before the integration with tus. This would be plugged in shortly afterwards. The Classic Portal will soon have ratings filters!

Your support helps us to cover our growing hosting expenses! As little as $3 per monthly or $25 annually, you can browse NG ad free and enjoy other perks.

This is the Pico’s Unloaded SWF playing in Safari on an iPhone. Steve Jobs, keep rolling.