Free Opera Mini 6 Mobile Software Download to Your Smartphone

Opera Mini 6.1 Mobile Software can be downloaded to your smartphone for no cost.


Opera Mini, a small and fast Webbrowser that lets you access all of the Internet from your smartphone’s screen, is available. Opera Mini allows you to bring the full Web experience right to your phone. You can stay in touch with friends via Facebook and Google+, as well search for information with Google. Opera Mini has no limitations – it’s a quick and easy way to access any Web site you desire. Requirements: !$? Java enabled device. The Latest: This release has a single field that does everything:!$. You can type web addresses as well search queries into your browser’s address box. You can also use your favourite search engines in the search field. You can save typing time with auto-suggest: $! Search suggestions from Google and your browser history are available as soon as the start typing. You can choose what you need and then you are done. When you type a URL, domains are automatically added to your address. They also learn more about the websites you visit, such, or that from your country. Simple and effective text selection with!$? You can select the word precisely by using handles that appear in front of it. The text can be copied or searched with. Simpler pages:!$? A way to view large web pages in a single column makes it easier to see the parts. The following text has been extracted from Opera’s official website. Opera Software ASA holds all rights to it. Opera has a reputation for providing a great web experience on thousands of smartphones. Our latest mobile browsers bring many enhancements to make Opera the better choice for more than 3000 handsets. Opera’s user interface is modernized and improved to be more elegant, clean and simple. Zooming and scrolling are effortless, with the support for new technology being added. Opera renders complete pages just as on your computer and it is standards-compliant. It’s easy to switch between webpages by using tabs. Speed Dial allows you to launch your favourite websites in a single click. Opera!’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate on touchscreen devices as well as keypad devices. Opera!’s browser can be set to adjust according to your preferences. It allows you toggle between landscape and portrait mode, and lets you change the font size. This makes it easier for users to read. You can browse more and wait less. The Web is faster than ever on your smartphone. Opera!’s server-side compression and simplified rendering engine allow Opera to load web pages much faster than any other mobile browsers. The address bar, shortcut keys, and touchscreen control make it easier to perform basic tasks such as scrolling through pages quickly or entering addresses. Opera saves money when browsing with expensive data plans. Opera Browser can be used to surf the Web using your smartphone. This will help you save money on your monthly phone bill. Opera Mini uses a fraction of the bandwidth as other browsers and compresses webpages up to 90%. Opera Mobile Browser allows you to turn on Opera Turbo to compress data by up to 80%. Or, leave Opera Turbo on to access full website data as on a computer. Speed Dial gives you instant access to all your favourite websites. You can see your favorites websites on the screen and then load them by just one tap. Speed Dial makes it easy to add pages you like to your browser. You can also sync them with Opera Link to make your browsing experience even more seamless. You can feel at home on both keypad and touchscreen phones thanks to the user interface. You can scroll and turn at lightning speed using your keypad, or use the touchscreen for kinetic scrolling to navigate long pages. Tabs allow you to multitask. Keep multiple pages open and switch between them easily using tabs. Visual tabs on touchscreen devices allow you to view a preview for the pages that you have selected. You can pinch-to-zoom on touchscreen devices by using two fingers. This allows you to change the page’s size quickly and accurately for your desired perspective. To shrink or expand a page, pinch your fingers together. Our sophisticated URL auto-completion makes it easy to quickly enter addresses. Opera automatically detects the URL that you type in the address box and allows you to load it by entering just a few letters. You can also see your bookmarks and previous addresses as you type so that you can choose the one you like. It’s easier than ever to type text in your browser using a touchscreen phone. Opera!’s virtual keyboard can be used on phones with a poor touchscreen keyboard. You can type, edit and save information from the same page as you were viewing. With text wrapping, you can read large pages even on a mobile device. You can easily read the majority of content on your phone without scrolling sideways. Text will automatically wrap around your device when you zoom in on supported devices. Opera will automatically place your view exactly where you are looking. Opera can stop at the exact spot you require when you move around complex websites. Opera!’s full-screen mode allows you to make the most of all that your phone! has to offer. You can see more of what you’re viewing by removing the toolbars and address bars. Opera Browser gives you a clearer view. It intelligently adapts webpages to fit your screen and displays an overview of the website. You can zoom in and out by tapping on the screen, or pressing a button. You can pinch-to zoom to obtain the exact view that you desire on supported devices. You can access your data wherever it is needed. Backup bookmarks, speed dials and search engines to My Opera and have them synced between phones and with Opera on desktops or laptops. OperaLink allows you to take favorite sites with you wherever you travel. Sharing the Best of the Web: Simply tap on the Opera menu icon to share a webpage you like. To share the link quickly, you can choose between social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and vKontakte. It’s easy to find what you want in text-heavy web pages. Opera’s browser detects your search terms and displays all relevant pages. This allows you to quickly cycle through the results. Opera’s Downloads feature allows you to manage your downloaded files. It is built into the browser. You can download files immediately and track their progress via Downloads. Downloads can be paused if necessary and resumed when you are ready. You have easy access to bookmarks. Save, modify and organize bookmarks in folders. You can keep track of multiple sites with sophisticated bookmark management. Opera Link allows you to keep your bookmarks synced across Opera applications on different devices such as your computer. This will ensure that you have the links you require when you are in need. Opera!’s history allows you to go back in time. You can search for pages by visiting it by day. Opera!’s Save Page function allows you to read a page from any device, at any time.

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