FULL TEXT – Documents Required for Commuters to Pass through ZRP Checkpoints and Roadblock

ZRP published the following statement. This document lists and details all documentation required for commuters who travel to the various areas of the town as a result of the government’s new lockdown.

25th July 2020


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The Zimbabwe Republic Police is pleased to advise President E.D. Mnangagwa’s 21 July 2020 announcement of COVID-19 National Lockdown Measures, and subsequent promulgation Statutory Instru 174/2020 on the same day are the Zimbabwe Republic Police‚Äôs. Members of the general public need to be aware of the following in order to get through roadblocks easily and hassle-free:

Service Provider Health

Card for health and uniform ID

Civilian employees will receive a written note from either the Medical Superintendent (CEO), stating when and whereabouts they were reporting. You must include contact information for the Chief Executive officer on this letter.


The Company Chief Executive officer (CEO) and General Managers (GM) send letters stating where and when they report on duty and how often. You must include contact information of the Chief Executive officer on your letter.

Ministries/ ParastatalsHQ and Provincial Levels

National Directors may issue an exemption letter to the Director or higher, detailing the reporting obligation, day, time, place and days.

The Provincial Heads will send a letter exempting them from reporting. This should state the report’s duty, location, day and time. To include contact information of the responsible individual.

Commercial, A2 & A1 Farmers

A lease agreement/offer letter and an exemption certificate issued by the Officer In Charge.

Communal Farmers

The Headman/Village Head should send a supporting letter stating what business is being conducted, when it will be completed, and requesting an OIC Station exemption letter. To indicate headman’s contact details.

Food shops

A Shop Licence photocopy and an exempt letter from the local Officer In Charge Station must be certified.

Sole Traders

One (1) Shop Licence, accompanied by an Exemption Letter from the Local Officer it Charge Station

Private Security Services

Uniforms, company ID and letters from management with dates and times to report on and off duty. To indicate the contact details for Chief Executive Officer/Responsible Person, please write

Medical Resupplies

When possible, contact information and medical cards/prescriptions for doctors

Attendance to funerals

Copied copies of burial orders to be presented by concerned family members to the nearest Police station. * For those who want to inter their loved ones in another town or rural area, an exemption letter can be sent by Officer In Charge Station, Office Commanding District and/or Officer Commanding Provincial.

Members of the public must shop no further than five km from their house in order to obtain essential necessities, such as gas, medicine, food, or fuel. Also, the public must make advance arrangements to get assistance for anyone they care about or are related to. The public should make prior arrangements for medical assistance for any ill person to whom they are related or provide care.

Police once again remind people to do permitted activities in the timeframe of 0600 hours to 1800 hours each day.

By observing the national lockdown, police officers and other agencies can ensure law and order are maintained effectively.

[NYATHI. P] Assistant Commissioner