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It is an easy game in which players gather chicken tenders or Dogecoin.

  • Any tendencies that touch the ground will be discarded.
  • You lose one life for every time that you hit an object.
  • Reddit-themed images are abundant in this game: paper, diamond hands and YOLO.

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GameStonks online

This game can be played on this page by clicking or tapping the screen.

You can also play the game as a web application.

GameStonk Instructions for GamePlay

What to do when you want to play

It is a game of coin collection where you catch falling chicken tenders with a basket.

  • Robinhoo is just a click away!
  • While trying to stop chicken nuggets falling from the skies, players collect DOGE coins.
  • Each player can have up to three lives and they are lost if they run into an obstacle such as a bear or construction signs.
  • The point count is temporarily doubled if you launch a rocket.
  • Your character will behave erratically if you bump into YOLO.
  • You temporarily become invincible if you have diamond hands.
  • It is game over when any chicken nuggets or chicken tenders (or, as they are known on Reddit, tendies), hit the ground.

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GameStonks Game Screenshots

GameStonks Game Welcome Screenshot.
GameStonks Game Screenshot.

Mobile friendly cross browser support

The game’s HTML5 mobile friendly design allows for cross-device play. It can be played on smartphones such as the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android-powered cell phones, tablet computers like iPads and Kindle Fires, desktop computers running Windows, and laptops. Your web browser cache stores all game files locally. The game is compatible with Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The Background Story for This Game

This game’s theme is based on the rapid increase in GameStop ($GME), stock share prices due to a Gamma Squeeze followed by degenerate gambling investors daytrading stock on /r/WallStreetBets.

YOLO is a true statement, but memes are timeless. ™

GameStop Company

  • Many basement dwellers love this company as a favorite video games retailer. The company was established in 1984. It is now a well-known retailer for video games. Many people visit it to trade or buy used video games, and also purchase new games.
  • Some consoles offer online delivery and some are even selling games. There is an increase in mobile gaming and the delivery of games via internet services such as Steam.
  • Ryan Cohen , the former Chewy CEO, bought 9.98% shares for an average price of $5.98 each share. This encouraged them to be aggressive in investing in ecommerce.
  • Famous investor Michael Burry was featured in The Big Short. He also owned a substantial stake in the company last year .
  • GameStop didn’t sell any new shares to the bubble because they were afraid of securities violations.

Hedge Funds & International Investors

  • Hedge funds placed bets on GameStop’s collapse. They tried to force it to collapsing by shorting more than 100% of its float. This effectively faked shares.
  • Similar books are used by many hedge funds. They long FANG-type plays, but short dying retailers and other similar fading businesses.
  • One hedge fund can get caught out of line in an incredibly large way, and they may have to liquidate their books. This generates losses that the next hedge funds will have to then liquidate.
  • The shorting of hedge funds was experienced by many players, and momentum allowed more traders to enter the market.
  • GameStop’s shorter Melvin Capital suffered a remarkable 53% drop in January. Citadel and Point72 provided a multi-billion dollar bailout to Melvin Capital.
  • GameStop’s outsized story focused on small retailers who were trading the stock and other meme stocks at their homes. However, the fund flows show that larger institutional investors were involved . Senvest Management earned $700 million on a position that they established in September. Maverick Capital also held a large position.
  • Bill Gross , the bond king Bill Gross earned $10 million by shorting GameStop.
  • Kuppy kept selling GameStop volatility.

Retail traders

  • Keith Patrick Gill (also known as DeepF___ingValue) began purchasing GameStock stocks and call options in 2019. He posted the news publicly, encouraging others to copy his trade. Although he proved correct, his $50k bet was worth $10s of million. However, Gill was also registered as a broker so federal regulators are looking at the $GME promotion.
  • This stock was widely discussed on the Reddit subreddit, WallStreetBets.
  • A great thread starting September 8, predicting the January gama squeeze
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk used #GameStonk Twitter to slam short sellers that had been slacking with him over the years.


Jury Trials


  • Some may view the GameStop phenomenon as unique. However, in 1923 a similar squeeze occurred to a Southern and Midwest grocery chain called Piggly Wiggly. Piggly Wiggly, which was established as a subsidiary by C&S Wholesale Grocers in 1923, was the first self-service grocery store.
  • In 2008, Volkswagen shares also fell.

Market This Game

The game was intended to test online marketing and it failed spectacularly.

  • This game wasn’t as polished as many other ones.
  • This coffin dancing game was not used in the game.
  • This site is new and it could not be advertised on social networks such as Twitter.
  • Reddit became overrun by spammers and bots, so there were no mentions.
  • We have both been avid gamers for many decades, but we never made a name for ourselves as gamers. My wife is an avid player of MMORPGs. She could have helped to seed this website across Twitch and Discord. However, she thinks I am crazy for purchasing this domain. If she does, I’ll get lectures on how she made it a success. My wife plays a lot of MMORPGs and could have seeded this site across Discord, Twitch, and other sites. I bought the domain to make it a success. If she is involved in that role, then I will get lectures about how she pioneered it.

In today’s polarizing, cynical internet, humor and altruism are often treated with deep cynicism. It is important to establish relationships or to be known in advance before you do any type of marketing. We decided to make a few more games so our site would be more well-known and people could be more open to our next marketing ideas.