Get a VPN for free to access Netflix US in South Africa

Netflix South Africa offers many more content options than rival platforms.

Netflix’s content availability depends on where it is located. There is therefore a range of Netflix content that is available in South Africa and the United States.

Netflix US offers a greater selection. South Africans can access Netflix US from their home by using virtual private network (VPN), which allows them to disguise their geographic location in order to gain access.

Netflix has made it more difficult for VPN users living in other countries to avoid its region-locks.

Netflix’s block of VPN services is one of the most complex issues. Netflix also limits content to certain regions. Netflix is able to acquire broadcast licences from certain countries, but not for others. South African users who subscribe to Netflix should be denied access to US-only content.

South Africans might experience difficulties accessing Netflix when they travel overseas.

It is possible to argue that they should all have access regardless of their geographical location.

These are the potential bypasses that could occur in this particular region. It is, however, much more challenging than it seems.

Opera VPN

Opera last year launched Opera’s latest browser, with a -in VPN which can be toggled on and off.

The free VPN allows users to choose from three options: Americas/Europe, Asia, or Africa.

Opera’s browser-based VPN service is not as secure and anonymous as other VPNs. It does however allow you the option to direct your traffic to one of three locations – Americas (Europe), Asia or Americas).

It is possible to set up a VPN server in the United States and then use that browser to access Netflix US.

The speed of routing traffic via a VPN can sometimes be slow, however online tests conducted with Opera’s platform showed that it should be possible to stream at Netflix’s lower resolution settings without any problems.

Experimentation and failure

Opera’s browser VPN won’t work. If that happens, there are plenty of VPNs free to use with Netflix.

Netflix has effectively banned access to free servers to its platform. You might have to pay for VPN subscriptions to gain access to the US content library.

Netflix may sometimes work on some other platforms, however these have data usage caps that can range between 500MB and 10GB each month. You will be limited in your ability to watch Netflix.

Here are some of the most reliable VPNs for Netflix, based on rankings from (VPN Lab):

  • ExpressVPN

  • NordVPN

  • CyberGhost

  • GetFlix

  • Surfshark

While these VPNs do require monthly subscriptions, others offer free trials for those who are interested.

However, you should be aware that VPNs for free are not always reliable and can cause problems.

A VPN subscription is often a better option if you intend to stream a lot US Netflix content.