Get Brave and Lets Twitch Cryptocurrency Streamers

Get Brave and Let’s Earn Cryptocurrency with Twitch Streamers

Brave Browser now offers a $1 million referral program. This will be used to reward Twitch streamers as well as incentivize their followers to use the browser. Brave launched a new reward program for Twitch streamers on March 1. Brave also added an additional $1,000,000 to its referral program to creators to show their support for Twitch.

Brave, a fast and private browser with Brave Payments as a feature to support content creators. The Basic attention token (BAT) is an integrated feature of the browser that audience members can use for support to their favourite publishers, YouTube creators, or even Twitch streamers.

Brave’s latest Move Allows Gamers to Be Included

The Brave ability to make YouTube video revenue has been released three months ago. There are now over 7,500 channels with verified YouTube subscribers that have signed up for Brave Publishers. Brave’s number of creators has increased significantly since recent announcements, which together amount to nearly $3 million in BAT incentive.

Brave was impressed by the popularity of YouTube content creators. They decided to open the program up to all other creators. Brave has added support into Brave Payments to increase the amount of that referral program to over $1 million.

Brave Payments are easy to use, according to the company. This will appeal greatly for thousands of Twitch streamers. Brave Browser displays the most viewed Twitch channels so that supporters can make monthly donations. Brave Publishers can be created by Twitch streamers to receive BAT donations from Brave users. Brave allows players to stream popular games, such as Fortnite.

Brave offers multi-property support, which allows Twitch streamers to register their channels along with any other properties such as websites or YouTube channels. Brave will use the Twitch.tvapi after the streamer has confirmed his email to authenticate their Twitch channels. Streamers are then able to create an account with Uphold after the verification and receive BAT donations every 30 days.

How can creators make revenue?

Brave currently offers two revenue streams for content creators. According to the company’s blost posting:

“1. Referral Program: Brave offers promotional BAT to those who refer Brave users to the browser. Brave users who use the browser for at least 30 days will be eligible to earn $5 in BAT.

2. Donations

Brave is convinced that as content creators and users view BAT as a reward, the utility and acceptance of BAT will increase. Brendan Eich is the founder of Brave. He stated: “Supporting Twitch streamers as part of our mission reset browsing by providing a better interface to users and content creators. Brave now allows Twitch streamers to directly give back to their followers.

It is very enthusiastic about creating a new content ecosystem that can be rewarded for BAT. The company also revealed that the BAT program would soon be expanded to other user-generated content sites.

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