Google Chrome: The 5 Best Linux Alternatives

Use Google Chrome on Linux or are you an Android user? You have decided to stop using Google Chrome for Linux because you are concerned about privacy. You are unsure of which browser should you use? We can help! Below are the top five Google Chrome alternative Linux.

1. 1.

Google is a frequent contributor to the Chromium project, which hosts the Chromium browser. Chromium features almost identical to Chrome due to Google’s code contributions. Without all the disturbing proprietary plugins.

Chromium is the best Google Chrome alternative, and it’s the perfect choice for Linux users who don’t mind the Chrome interface but still want to be able to use Google Chrome.

Highlighted Features

  • Chromium offers a Google Chrome-like experience with a few modifications.
  • Built-in Adobe flash player.
  • Widevine DRM supports Chromium. It allows users to watch copywritten media via Chromium on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO.
  • There are licensed codecs available for H.264 audio and AAC formats in Chromium.

Download – Chroium

Chromium can be installed easily on Linux. It’s included by default in all Linux distributions. has the information you need to install it. Browse through the options and select your OS. For more information, visit our detailed guide .

2. Brave

Brave, an anonymous, open-source browser designed for privacy-conscious users on Macs, Linux, Windows and Android, iOS and Android, is open-source. It will automatically block trackers, advertisements, and tracking programs out of the box. Instead it will replace them with Brave Ad Replacement. This program allows users to make direct contributions to favorite websites.

Brendan Eich, former Firefox CEO and Brian Bondy are behind the Brave browser. It runs on Chromium which ensures that all users can access the Google services they love and their extensions. Brave will satisfy privacy geeks!

Highlighted Features

  • Brave includes tracker blocking and advertisement blocking. It ensures privacy even when users are not aware how Adblocking extensions work.
  • Brave lets you replace the intrusive ads on your website with a subscription. Subscriptions can also be used to compensate site creators. Users are obligated to return any money they pay, even if ads have been blocked.
  • Brave browser eliminates Google Sync and replaces it with a secure, chain-based syncing platform that prioritizes privacy encryption.
  • Brave comes with support for a number of cryptocurrency and the ability to create new wallets.

Brave browser available for download

Brave browser cannot be downloaded from any other website than the developer. It is not available for download from the developer’s website.

provides the latest Brave web browser version. you can refer to our guide for how to install Brave on Linux.

3. Vivaldi

Opera’s former CEO founded the Vivaldi browser, a Chromium-based free browser. The Vivaldi browser is a new browser which combines Opera’s classic browser with features such as color-coded tabs, note-taking tools, and much more.

Vivaldi will be an excellent choice if Google Chrome is your first browser. It is a unique alternative to Google Chrome.

Highlighted Features

  • Vivaldi has a highly configurable UI. The user can set the UI theme and place tabs at the top, middle, or bottom.
  • Vivaldi offers the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts for users and use mouse gestures in order to fully personalize their web browsing experience.
  • Vivaldi includes many helpful utilities such as an built-in calculator, screenshot and notes applications, along with a calculator.
  • Vivaldi can support Google Chrome browser extension without Google creepiness.

Download – Vivaldi

Vivaldi is not available in major Linux distributions’ software repositories. To get the Vivaldi Web Browser, please visit their website. For more information on how Vivaldi is set up, please visit this in-depth guide.

4. Opera

Opera is an old browser. The old Presto web rendering technology that was the basis of Opera’s fame is no longer available.

Opera browser uses Chromium although it is now based on Chromium. The Opera browser still looks exactly like the old Opera, with a fully customizable UI and a rich side-bar that includes dozens useful extensions.

Highlighted Features

  • Opera browser includes an embedded advertisement blocker. You don’t even need to add any extensions to eliminate annoying advertisements.
  • Opera integrates support for Facebook Messenger (VKontakte), WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to facilitate communication between friends.
  • Opera includes a built in bandwidth saver. This can reduce the size of websites and keep you from losing data if your ISP has a bandwidth cap.
  • Opera offers a dark mode, which can be used to help you see better in dark conditions.

Opera Download

Opera can also be installed on Linux via the web site, either as a DEB bundle or an RPM package. The Ubuntu Snap Store also allows you to install it. To learn more about installing Opera, see our guide.

5. Iridium Browser

Iridium’s browser is a fork in the Chromium source code. So that privacy can be protected, the browser’s core is modified heavily to exclude all Google technologies. Iridium believes Chromium to be an outstanding technology. But, Google’s relationship is troubling. Privacy lovers will probably agree.

While the Iridium browser eliminates Google-related technologies entirely, you still have the option to install Chrome Extensions in order to take advantage of the various sync features that Chromium offers.

Highlighted Features

  • Iridium makes huge efforts to eliminate Google’s monitoring and spying technologies.
  • Iridium is still compatible with Chrome’s extensions for Chrome browsers, despite it being removed from Google.

Iridium Browser download

To install Iridium Browser on Linux, please visit the Website. Iridium isn’t available in Snaps or any other package repositories.


Here are some top Linux Google Chrome browser alternatives. How do you browse the internet using Google Chrome on Linux? Comment below for your thoughts!