Google Chrome UPDATE

Google Chrome – Google Chrome users have been warned that there are big changes in the browser.

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Google Chrome lovers have been alerted regarding a large update that they can download soon.

Google Chrome is the undisputed most widely used web browser. It doesn’t appear to be losing that title anytime soon.

NetMarketShare estimates that Google Chrome has a stunning 62.04% share of internet browser markets in its first six-months of 2018, according to NetMarketShare.

Firefox had 10.41 Percent, while Internet Explorer was at 12.03 Percent.

Microsoft’s Edge new browser was bundled into Windows 10 and had only 4.41 per cent of the web browser market.

Google has a lot to do with Chrome’s popularity.

However, users were warned by the tech giant before the software was released.

Google Chrome’s major overhaul marks its first major visual improvement since 2014.