Google Chrome: You can ditch your browser

Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser. Google Chrome rose to prominence as an alternative for slow and sluggish incumbents Internet Explorer or Safari. Google Chrome is now the leader and has also become the slowest incumbent.

We hate it. It became a monster.

Change is needed.

How about Firefox?

This is something I will not say lightly.

In the last few months I have been using browsers to test them, looking at things such as performance, battery life, and how the browser feels.

It is difficult to pick the best browser. This is a lot like asking your Mom which recipe makes the best apple pie. Or whether cats rule over dogs. Cats are just as attention-seeking and rubbishy as dogs.

These answers will vary from one person to another. Each case is unique.

However, Chrome can be discarded for a variety of reasons.

Power usage

You can use the stock browser if your device has a built-in battery.

For Windows Edge is Edge and for iOS and Mac Safari it’s Safari. Each one has been optimized for the platform it runs on, and offers the highest battery life and thermal performance.

Chrome can be tweaked to improve things, but it’s still not the best.

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My daily driver MacBook Pro was running Chrome and Safari, so I had an extra hour of battery life.

I also found that Safari was a better browser on my iPhone, although it is harder to quantify because Safari is not the primary focus of my day.

Use the stock browser to get the most out of your battery life and performance.

All the time.

Optimizations of the operating system

Google Chrome’s greatest selling point is its consistent, streamlined experience on all platforms.

While that’s great, it was surprising to me how slow Edge and Safari are compared to stock browsers.

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Although it’s difficult to describe, Safari on Mac and Edge on Windows are like extensions of your operating system. The transition from the OS to the browser is smoother. Chrome felt awkward when I returned to it. This is also the time that the slow performance was most noticeable.

You have a choice

Google Chrome allows Google to collect a lot data. This is useful for both finding out what people do online and to secure the ecosystem with payment and password details.

Although I don’t have any data paranoia, I do like the freedom to choose where and how my data will be used and with which companies. This allows me to choose and select what’s best for my needs, rather than what’s convenient.

One exception

Android is the winner. Google Chrome wins this category. Chrome works the best out of all other browsers available on this platform. Chrome is the default browser and it has been optimized to deliver the best possible performance.

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Which browser are you using? What is the reason you choose it? Have you ever tried another browser before?