GSA heads are the GSA transition roadblock. Biden’s warning

An obscure head of a federal agency was aware before Election Day that her situation might become complicated.

FILE: General Services Administration Administrator Emily Murphy addresses the crowd during a ribbon cutting ceremony held at the Department of Homeland Security St. Elizabeths Campus Center Building. Joe Biden was aware that the mysterious federal agency responsible for holding him up knew she had a complicated situation. GSA Administrator Emily Murphy held a Zoom Call with Dave Barram (77), before Nov. 3. This Zoom call was taken prior to the election. Barram is an old friend who had stood in Murphy’s shoes during Al Gore and George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential race. Barram told Murphy that he had some straightforward advice. “If it’s right to do so, you can live with its consequences .'”(AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The Queen Theater, Wilmington. Monday Nov. 16, 2020. Joe Biden (with Kamala Harris as Vice President) speaks on economic recovery. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Donald Trump makes a gesture to his supporters during the Saturday Nov. 14, 2020 march through Washington. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

FILE: This Wednesday 11 November 2020 file photo features Georgia Secretary Brad Raffensperger at an Atlanta press conference. Raffensperger has been attacked by President Donald Trump, and other Republicans following the passionate election season. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File)

WASHINGTON – The president of an obscure federal agency was well aware that her situation could quickly become complicated before Election Day.

Emily Murphy (head of General Services Administration) held a Zoom conversation with Dave Barram prior to Nov. 3rd, which was 20 years before she had been in his shoes.

Barram, now 77, shared his experiences with Murphy, through a conversation set up by friends.

Barram ran the GSA for Republican George W. Bush against Democrat Al Gore in 2000’s White House race. Only a few hundred voters in Florida voted in that election.

Barram said, “I told her that I was looking at you and could tell you you wanted to do what is right.” He refused to divulge any details regarding Murphy’s conversation with him. “I’ll share with you the words of my mother. If you do right, the only thing you have to do now is deal with it.”

In 10 days, Joe Biden has crossed the threshold of 270 electoral votes in order to defeat Donald Trump. In contrast to the 2000 election when it was impossible to determine the winner for weeks, Biden has won the election this time, even though Trump continues to refuse.

Murphy has yet not to recognize Biden’s victory, which is holding back the official start of the transition. Biden’s win will enable her to release money and allow Biden’s team to start placing federal employees in transition positions.

Trump administration officials stated also that Biden will not receive the classified presidential daily briefings on intelligence topics until the GSA confirms the matter.

Murphy declined to answer questions for this article. GSA spokesperson (who refused to give his name due to the sensitiveness of the matter) confirmed that Murphy spoke with Barram about the experience in close 2000 elections.

The White House does not know if there were conversations between GSA staff and officials at GSA about ascertainment.

‘More people may die’

Biden has warned that President Donald Trump will face dire consequences if he and his transition team continue to ignore the coronavirus pandemic, block updates on national security policy and vaccination plans and refuse to cooperate on this issue with his transition staff. Biden was frank about Trump’s failures to accept his loss in the election and collaborate with the new administration towards a peaceful transition of power.

Biden staff

Biden draws from senior positions of his campaign in order to create a White House leadership team that is more diverse. Jen O’Malley Dillon was a campaign manager and will now serve as deputy chief. Cedric, the campaign chair from Louisiana, and Steve Ricchetti, his campaign advisor, will also be part of the new administration. Richmond will retire from the Louisiana House to become the White House chief of staff.

Pennsylvania ballots

An ongoing hearing continues on Trump’s federal lawsuit against Pennsylvania to keep officials from not certify the votes results. The suit centers around election procedures that weren’t uniform throughout the state. There are 20 electoral ballots won by Biden at stake. Kathy Boockvar from Pennsylvania, the Secretary of State has filed a request to dismiss the lawsuit.

Social media

Senate committee is inviting Twitter’s CEOs and Facebook to answer questions about their handling of information in relation to the Trump-Biden election. Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing asking Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive officer about the actions they took in connection to this closely contested election. Prominent Republican Senators are refusing to discredit Trump’s unfounded claims about fraud and voter irregularities. Even though misinformation claiming Biden won has prospered online,


Biden warns that more people could die if they don’t cooperate on crucial issues. — Trump, according to Biden.