Guardian Press Release by Brave

Brave and Guardian have partnered to make Brave iOS Browser compatible with Guardian Firewall+VPN to provide the best browsing experience.

Two data privacy activists join forces to help people (not surveillance capitalists) have control over their data

SAN FRANCISCO – Jul 27, 2020 — Brave Software, creators of Brave Browser, and Guardian, the makers of Guardian Firewall & VPN for iOS are today announcing Brave Firewall + VPN. It is powered by Guardian. This partnership enables the safest and most private Web browsing possible by integrating the technologies of both companies. Brave Firewall+ VPN now is available in the App Store. This partnership gives people the ability to take back control and surf more securely on the Internet.

Brave iPhone/iPad browser app includes the Firewall + VPN. With a combination of privacy and blockchain-based advertising platforms, users can have a faster, safer (3-6x) browsing experience while also funding the Web with an attention-based platform. Privacy-preserving ads are rewarded and distributed as rewards. Users can enable firewall access in their app once they subscribe. Our launch offers users a firewall and VPN system-wide. They can use it in Brave iOS, but also any other app on their iPhone. The service protects them from tracking of mail, data and location. The ability to intervene at network level against unwanted surveillance empowers the user.

Brave Firewall+ VPN, unlike many other browsers that only hide an user’s IP, offers greater security and privacy. Brave Firewall+ VPN protects users from unauthorized tracking and blocks advertisements, encrypts their traffic, and prevents them from being tracked. Brave Firewall+VPN sends the user’s iPhone/iPad traffic over an encrypted VPN to Guardian servers. They can instantly identify which apps are hiding tracking data and block it, while still making sure that app functionality is working as intended. Brave Firewall+ VPN authentication is unique because it does not store any user information. A pseudonymous receipt obtained from the App Store allows VPN access. EAP IDs that are randomly generated and rotated allow VPN users to connect to VPN servers. This is done without requiring Guardian or Brave to know a user’s identity.

Users are being exploited by surveillance capitalists. Data miners have an arsenal of trackers. Invasive ads. Device fingerprinting. Adtech intermediaries can track everything that you do and whereabouts. Brave, Guardian, and Brave lead the new privacy movement. This is an effort to expose the dark shadowy trading markets and extent of surveillance capitalism. Both companies want to allow users control of their data, and provide protection from other companies.

“Brave is on a mission to upgrade the Internet from surveillance-by-default to privacy-by-default. Over 15 million people use Brave every month, which is an indication that they are fed up with being tracked, monitored, and even tagged. Brave Firewall + VPN is powered by Guardian. This part of Brave Software’s mission to enhance Web browsing and give users control over their data, said Brendan Eich. Guardian won our vote over several VPNs after we compared their technical capabilities. Firewall and VPN have been a key part of Web experiences for our customers, so we are delighted to introduce this technology to Brave.

Guardian’s Chief executive officer Will Strafach says that Brave and Guardian share the same values and are committed to privacy. Brave’s privacy by default model is crucial for an open Web that works in all areas – publishers, advertisers, users, and everyone else – not just a handful of large enterprises. Brave has a unique solution that integrates Guardian technology with Brave browser. We can offer a better Web experience, three to sixx faster than other browsers, as well as a safer, more private, web browsing experience.

Kenn white, an engineer and security researcher, stated that “I have seen the growth in Brave and Guardian and can see first-hand how committed the teams are to protecting users privacy and in getting the details right.” This partnership is an important milestone for usable Web security. This partnership is the type of innovation that we need to reduce online tracking, unbounded data mining, and other forms of internet surveillance.

Firewall + VPN premium features offer more functionality than regular or free VPNs. They are available for purchase. You can get it for $9.99 USD per monthly or $99.99 USD a year. This is possible via in-app purchase from Brave iPhone/iPad. It can be applied to up to 5 devices. Brave iOS users will now be able to benefit from this feature. The new Brave platform version of the firewall will soon become available.

Brave Software

Brave Software’s browser is fast and private, with its platform for digital advertising that relies on blockchain, reinvents the Web. It offers a more private experience and a longer battery life. This allows users to surf faster. The privacy-respecting ads reward the user with a token that can be used for tipping or contributing to other content creators. Brave offers a solution for anyone who wants to participate in open Web but is uncomfortable with giving up their privacy and income to intermediaries. Brave now has over 15 millions monthly active users. There are also over 790,000 Verified Editors. Brendan Eich was the creator of JavaScript. Brian Bondy was formerly with Mozilla.


Guardian is a research organization founded on the conviction that transparency and personal privacy are fundamental consumer rights. Guardian builds the most advanced data privacy tools available to transform the notion of technology owning us to one that allows you to own your technology. Guardian Firewall+ VPN blocks apps using iPhones to locate and steal data. Guardian Firewall + VPN is well known for its ability reverse engineer most apps and devices. Its mission is expose what’s under the hood to protect users from the many dangers lurking in the digitalized world. For more information, go to

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