Here are some useful solutions to disable AdBlock

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AdBlock provides a powerful content filtering extension. This extension is compatible with all major web browsers including Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. It also works in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. AdBlock blocks unwanted and annoying advertisements while browsing the Internet.

However, there are times when users need to know how disable AdBlock temporarily. This can happen when there’s a pressing need to visit a website.

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What are the benefits and disadvantages of AD Blocker Tool?

There are many ad-blocker programs on the market. Their effectiveness and cost vary. AdBlock is an ad blocking tool which can block unsolicited online advertisements by using your web browser. You can use it to block banners, popup windows, embedded audio and video, as well.

It works by disrupting connections between third-party network providers and content providers. Tracking scripts can be blocked while web activity takes place.

What are the benefits?

It reduces annoying things when surfing the Internet. Clicking on links can lead to frustration if a pop-up appears that makes it impossible for you to close.

You can minimize interruptions and still enjoy browsing the internet. This can be used to reduce the load times, increase battery life and improve the data bandwidth.

There are other benefits:

  • Stops tracking from advertising servers. Not only can ad servers deliver ads to your web browser, but they also have the ability to monitor your online activity and obtain a range of information about you that could be sold to third parties.
  • Clear your browser history. Avoid annoying popups and unwanted music.

What are the downsides of this?

You should know that the tool comes with its own set of limitations. In the beginning, an ad blocking tool may block more advertisements than websites using in-app messaging functions or other functions.

Websites that have ads can suffer, as their revenue depends on it.

Here are some methods to disable AdBlock

There are different steps depending on what web browser you’re using.


We will first look at the steps to enable AdBlock in Chrome for MacOS. Although the user interface of the Chrome browser may be slightly different depending on whether you’re using it from an Android device or a Windows PC with the OS Windows, the basic process will remain the same.

  • Go to Extensions in your Chrome browser. Tap on the three horizontal dots located in the top right hand corner of Chrome. You can tap on “Extension” or “More Tools”.
  • Disable AdBlock Keep in mind that AdBlock will not be located if your Chrome browser has multiple extensions. If you have only installed one plugin, finding the AdBlock icon is simple.
  • To permanently delete AdBlock from your computer, click on the “Remove” button.

You can also tap on AdBlock icons in the top right-hand corner, just above the three vertical dots. Next tap on “Pause at this site”.


Follow these steps to enable AdBlock from Safari on Mac if you use Safari as the main browser. Although the user interface of Safari is slightly different for iOS and Windows PCs, it’s the same process.

  • Open your Safari browser. You can tap on the Safari menu located in the lower left-hand corner of your screen to go to Preferences.
  • Click on the Extensions tab to open a new window. You can disable AdBlock from your browser by unmarking it
  • If you wish to permanently delete AdBlock in Safari, click on Uninstall.

Similar to Chrome, you don’t have to navigate to Settings. AdBlock is only available for one website. This can be done by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the address bar. Click “Don’t run on the page” if you want to disallow its functionality on that particular website.


  • Open your Firefox browser. Click on Tools at the top of the screen. Tap on the Add-ons button.
  • Select Extensions. The window will display all of your extensions. Find AdBlock, and then disable it.
  • If you want to permanently disable AdBlock in Firefox, click on the Remove button. This button is located next to Disable.


  • Open your Opera browser. Tap on View on the upper menu bar and then click Show Extensions.
  • This will take you to a page where you can view all of the extension that you have installed. Find the AdBlock plugin, and Tap on Disable.
  • To remove AdBlock completely from Opera’s browser, simply tap the cross located in the right-upper corner of this white area.

Microsoft Edge

  • Open your Microsoft Edge browser. Next, tap on the three dots icon.
  • Search for AdBlock Extension and Tap on the gear setting icon.
  • You can turn off AdBlock. You can also click the Uninstall option if you want to permanently disable AdBlock.

Use other internet browsers

As with all other web browsers, AdBlock can be disabled without having to go into the settings. You will find the AdBlock icon in most cases at the top right of your browser. Just tap the icon to open it and click on “Pause AdBlock”.

Let’s close it

That’s it! Now you can follow these steps to enable AdBlock on any web browser. It is usually the same process for every web browser. Find the extension page for your browser to enable or disable AdBlock.