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[Larry Bank] uses the Arduino library to print text, graphics and BLE (Bluetooth-Low Energy) thermo printers. The library has many excellent features and allows for wireless printing to several common models. These printers have a small footprint, are inexpensive and can wirelessly print. These printers are attractive for those projects which would benefit from printing a hardcopy.

You shouldn’t ever feel embarrassed for using the same bits and pieces of code throughout your projects for so many years. This is a common mistake made by even big-name developers, as shown by the fact that the same code created to regulate flickering light back in 1996 for Quake can still be found in AAA titles such 2020’s Half-Life. Alyx. The legend of digital buck-passing was celebrated by Rodrigo Feliciano, who decided to bring the Arduino’s code into use and replicate the effect. You can easily find the pertinent section of Quake’s code and see the configuration. Lighting patterns were implemented using strings. Where the letters from a-z referred to the brightness of the light, the strings also had the letters nmonqnmomomomomomomomomomomnomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomnomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomnqnmomomomomnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzoffnomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomnomomomomomomomomomomomnomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomnomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomomnomomomomomomo An example of this is a strobe lamp that has a minimum and maximum brightness. A string representing a flickering lighting pattern would use the string “nmonqnmomomomomomomomomomomomomno”.

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeals reaffirmed a Voltage Pictures reverse class-action suit. It plans to pursue BitTorrent pirates. While the Court of Appeals rejected this method because it wouldn’t work in file-sharing situations, they unanimously voted for it.

Epik recently suffered from a significant data leak. This included all customer data as well internal systems data.

Tor/Onion und Mozilla Leftovers

    V3 onion services usage

    There is no better time than now to be talking about V3 onion and other services, with V2 being discontinued.

  • Your location history and how to control sharing

    Location, location,location has always been a mantra in real estate. It means that value is determined by where it is located. The same principle applies to online data collection. Location history is authentic and valuable information. While it’s likely that your location data is being left behind every day, there are ways to improve the situation and protect yourself from further damage. […] Certain apps require location data to function properly, such as navigation with a GPS device or using maps. The ability to track back your past steps can be helpful, for example to find the small shop in Florence from where you bought your beautiful stationery only two years ago. Marketers use data about location for their marketing and advertising. It is possible to use the location information for “geomarketing,” or targeting your interests based on where and when you’re there. You might be near a specific restaurant as you run errands around midday. While you’re contemplating lunch, you may see an advert for it in your phone. It is possible to restrict or allow access to some content by using your geographical location. In some parts of the world, content on the internet is “geo-blocked” or geographically-restricted based on your IP address, which is kind of like a mailing address, associated with your online activity. Geo-blocking may be caused by copyright restrictions and limited licensing rights.

  • Week 100

    Ava Katushka Itiel Michael Kohler [mkohler] fixed more than one bug

Games: If It’s a Winter Night, Four Travelers. Star-Twine. Operation Riptide. Proton Experimental.

  • Four Travelers, the amazing adventure of If on a Winter’s Night are now available via Steam

    Four Travelers, If On A Night’s Night, is a completely free point and click adventure. The game has recently been transferred from and Steam. This is a wonderful pixel-art presentation. The adventure takes around 2 to 3 hours, so you’ll be able to finish it quickly with your morning coffee. The game is narrative-oriented and offers many viewpoints, as well as a horror theme.

  • Startwine is a strategy-based game that lets you take control of light from a star dying now on Linux

    Ethan Lee, FNA game developer and SPARSE//GameDev (Spring Falls), released Star-Twine ten years ago. Eric Billingsley created the original version of Cuphead. Ethan Lee is currently the level designer on TUNIC.

  • GamingOnLinux

    Operation Riptide will be the 11th season for Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free-to-play shooter. You will find new maps, a revised mission system and many new options to play different modes. Additionally, you can unlock new items such as agents and weapon collections.

  • Proton Experimental gets more game-specific improvements in the most recent update. GamingOnLinux

    Proton Experimental’s latest update has been released. Although it isn’t huge, there are some improvements that will be made. Check out our page to learn more about Steam Play Proton. The September 17th update made DEATHLOOP work with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. There is now a tiny fix for Proton experimental that will allow you to have a “sporadic” lockup while the game is being started. Get DEATHLOOP now to get it started. Steam and Humble Store sell it.