HolyBread Roadmap Update, 6/14/2020


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COMUNICATION We cannot use Chrome to access our in-game notifications system. If possible, you should use BRAVE.

A Chrome fix is being developed. This has to do the Chrome handling of JS injections.


Drive to Hire

The Hero’s Spawning will be available every hour until HIVE is reached. After that, it will start to grow.

Reminder: Hero Drops have been removed form Quests. This means that the Recruit Tab and the marketplace are the only options to acquire new Hero’s.

Free of charge

The Marketplace removed all transaction fees for transactions between 10 and 30 cents this week. This change will be permanent because of the positive feedback. There are no Hero or item fees of 10c per item, and only 30c per Hero fee.

Minimum price listing

This restriction was added to the Marketplace to prevent people from transferring money between personal accounts in order to get an unfair advantage. For a small number of people who abuse this limitation, it is penalizing lower-level accounts. We don’t want to promote this. The transfer of items from one account to another is prohibited. This is something that will be closely monitored by our development team.

You can list your item/hero for 20 cents if it is not in demand. List for as low as 5 cents right now

This should help us gather real market data. It may also allow us to get rid of some extra gear and heroes.


Well, this week saw the elimination of BREADCRUMBS.

For our Hive migration plans and future plans, this was something that we needed to do.

The remaining breadcrumbs will be converted to BREAD by those players with a balance of breadcrumbs.

So far, the database has all the breadcrumbs so we are aware of the sums that we have removed from players’ ability to view them.

I also announced an Arena Reward System.


The new Upvoting system will have additional details soon. Right now, I’m working on it.

Some Beta Test Area players have expressed dissatisfaction with the new system of payments because it is not what they expected.

The design philosophy behind Holybread is to create a fun game and sustain a business. Holybread will not be next to the “Next Colony”, or any other failed blockchain games.

We believe that gamers should be given rewards for playing our games. Our aim is to bring users onto the blockchain to be rewarded for more than posting. This is the first step. Although this may seem unpopular, it is a first step towards HIVE spirit.


Migration to Hive You can!

It is something we’re working towards this week. You never know when it might happen.

This task has been given to all employees until completion.


The New Artwork

Once the Hive Migration has been completed, we’ll upload some new artwork.

The picture in this post is from our NEWLOGO

This effort is being led by @wren1221 as well @dksart. Please stop by @dksart‘s Blog and vote for him to help support Holybread.

Economy 2.0

With the loss of breadcrumbs, it is possible to rebalance your game in favor of gold. It will result in a rise in gold costs and a decrease of gold payouts. You know that we’re transforming the whole game economy. We have made progress and we are satisfied with our results so far. Over the next few days, a lot of these week’s updates will appear in the data.


Items reworked / Use case

Analysis of stats and item rarities is ongoing. Most players just want to find items that fit the “Stat Sticks” concept. We are going to introduce SETS items.

Once completed, sets will confer abilities that go beyond the “stats” category.

Every player will be eligible to win Set pieces through Quests/Dungeons. The Arena Reward Rework mentions that some top players may have an increase in their chance of finding Set pieces during Quests/Dungeons.

Game Monetization and Company sustainability

Still working on it. Later, I’ll write a fuller post. Since then, we are a verified content creator in the BRAVE Browser. This allows us to be tipped in browsers and sets us up to receive a monthly fee amount.

We hope this will give players an additional avenue for showing their support.

Next Projects

DUNGEONS!! This has been moved to the top of our list.

BARBERIAN!! (He is faster than the bard)

ALL SEASONS You can find us at

Potion System/ Daily Task system OVERHAUL Achievements/ Apothecary

Future Projects

Bard, too busy to go on a gig, couldn’t keep up the pace of barbarian

The PvE Leaderboard has a new look

On Horizon


It is my pleasure to thank all the players who have supported HolyBread from its beginning. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this wonderful opportunity. I hope you find this helpful and that it gives you an insight into the future direction of HolyBread.

Do you have any interest in the following topics?

  • Game design: Where do we go and how can we get there (Theory & Technical).
  • Game Economy – What’s the problem? And what strategies can we use to solve it
  • “State of the Game” – The game’s goal and company. [answer the question. Answer the following question: Are you stable/profitable?

The goal of our team is to make everyone as transparent as possible. It is clear that Steem has been weakened by many players. You can support the Steem chain if you own liquid Steem. This helps generate revenue that will allow us to implement our plan and move to HIVE.

You can always post questions to the discord or comments.