How can I add Brave Web Browser (to my Ubuntu Linux System)?

Firefox doesn’t appeal to me and I always feel that it is 3-4 years behind other Web browsers. Google Chrome has a terrible privacy record. I’m not a fan of it. Brave sounds great. But is it available for Ubuntu too?

The Brave is another fan. Nice. It’s also Linux. They should get along well. Brave Web Browser can be used with a number of Linux distributions. Brave is a cross-OS Webbrowser that places privacy at the forefront. Brave will automatically hide and block any tracking cookies or creepy advertisements, so there are no need to remember which site you visited. Developers say that you’re not an item. Your browser shouldn’t track your online activities… Brave safeguards your privacy from the surveillance industry.

Isn’t that appealing? You’re right, Firefox doesn’t have the same development team as Firefox . This is despite it being a couple years behind. On Linux it is also the default Webbrowser for a reason. Still, I get it. Web browser is an essential part of the modern online experience. You want it to have the best specs, be efficient in memory, speed, and privacy to ensure that your user experience is exceptional.


To install Brave, the easiest method is to use the Brave website from your Ubuntu Linux operating system. Then click Download to open the home page.

This approach is not recommended by me. Instead, I recommend using the Ubuntu Software Manager inside Ubuntu Linux. Just click on that web page and you will be taken to Ubuntu Software.

Sometimes it is easy to become distracted looking at the new features for Linux. But let’s keep our eyes on the prize! You can click the small magnifying light icon to the left and then type “brave” into the search box.

You have it. The Ubuntu Software program is all tidy and useful. That’s easy, right?

For more information on Brave click here and then hit the “Install” button.

Good looking and user rating of 4/5 stars is not bad. What are people expecting from it if they don’t give 5-stars? But that’s another story. You can now click the green ” install button.

Once you have confirmed your administrative access, type in your root password. It will begin downloading Brave in preparation.

While I thought the download process was fast, others may experience a slower speed. The app will install eventually and then the green button ” Install” will become a red button ” Delete“.

Ubuntu Software is not compatible with Mac or Windows. There’s no button to “Open” or to “Launch” a program after it’s installed in the App Store.


Linux does not make it simple to search for new installed games, utilities, or programs. You can click on the Dot Grid icon (on Ubuntu’s Dashboard), to bring up a fullscreen grid showing all your apps and programs.

As you can see, Brave is located in the upper row. It depicts an image of a red and white stylized lion.

To launch the Brave App, click on it. The Brave App will prompt to ask you to establish it as your default Web Browser for your system.

Although a bit pushy in particular with the “set to default browser” option that was checked but selected by default, they can still be forgiven if the browser is being launched.

Are you ready? Choose Brave or Firefox as your default browser. Click the ” OK_” button!

Brave. This is it. Do not forget to do one more thing before you disappear.

The Brave app icon can be found on the Dash Bar. Left-click it. The menu will open:

Click ” Add To Favorites” to get that icon in your Dash the next time you reboot Linux. It will also appear after you exit Brave.

Have fun. To be honest, I like Brave as well and would encourage you to look into the integrated support for Tor Browser.

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