How Do I Clear Facebook App Browser Cookies

Facebook is an ever-present social network and follows you everywhere you go. The share widgets on Facebook are so essential to the internet, it’s difficult for anyone not to have them. Facebook widgets can be integrated on many websites. With both iOS as well as macOS natively supporting the feature, your desktops and smartphones will be no different. Your browser is not the only one that can track you. Facebook’s app uses its own browser. It also maintains a cache, just as any other browser. Facebook does not restrict the cache’s size, so that it doesn’t get too big. This can cause slow performance and make the app feel slow. This is how to delete the Facebook browser cache.

Facebook App Browser Cache

Click the “more tab” button in your Facebook app. This tab is the one marked with a hamburger icon. Scroll all the way to bottom, and then tap “Settings”.

Facebook provides five settings options. For this purpose tap “Account Settings”. Scroll to the bottom and select the ‘Browser’ item from the Account Settings page. Clear data is only an option for the browser item. You can tap it, and all your data will be deleted immediately.

You visit the links in Facebook’s app to build your browser cache. The browser cache will increase if you view a link that takes you to a BBC news article on Facebook. It does not affect what you post or like to Facebook. Clearing your cache won’t erase all records of Facebook activities. They are all there, and they’re well-documented.

Privacy and Tracking

It only works on your current device. You cannot use the Facebook app from two different devices (e.g. Clearing the cache will be required on each device individually if you use Facebook app, e.g. an iPhone or an iPad. Clearing the cache on your iPhone will have no impact on the Facebook app on your iPad.

However, this won’t compromise your privacy. The cache does not affect the tracking of links you click on in the Facebook application. It might slow down the app and make it a smaller size, but you might find that the cache is less heavy. The cache has no additional benefits. Facebook might be a better option if privacy is a concern. If that isn’t an option for you i.e., you have to use for work related reasons, consider signing in to it in a separate browser profile on your desktop to keep your routine browsing activity private.