How Do You Choose From Firelight Leaders – Legendary Heroes?

This page is dedicated to Legendary Heroes banner Lilina Firelight Leader (FEH). You can read more to find out about Legendary Lilina. Or which unit you should pull.

The Top Summons To Pull From, and the Release Dates

Lilina Leader in Firelight

You can pull for L.Lilina, or B.Edelgard.

She was released in October, but we highly recommend you pulling for the Brave Edelgard and the Legendary Lilina. You have a wonderful opportunity with this banner to obtain a Brave Edelgard.

The Legendary Lilina rating and the Basic Information

Overall Rating 9.5 /10; Reroll Ranking (exclusions Inherit Skills) SS

(>Reroll Rating) Ranking (includes inherit skill) SS

(>FEH Tier List)

Lilina – Firelight leader

Color/Waffe Type / Move type Red / Red Tome/Cavalry Rarity 5 star What kind of character are they? Fire-Type Legendary Hero

An AoE Special can be activated from the first turn

Can negate Vantage and desperation effects

An AOE Special can be activated from the very first turn.

She has a unique ability and prf. L!Lilina is able to activate an AOE Special from her first turn. It makes her a formidable red mage cavalry unit. Sabotage Res buffs and Pulse Smoke make her a wonderful addition to any group that requires a nuke like her.

What Should You Do With This Summon


Red, Red, Red

Each of the three red focus units is very powerful, so it’s worth pulling red stones. Each of these units are useful in Aether Raids and Arena, so you can choose to pull red stones if your team needs a more powerful unit. But, if your B!Edelgard is not available yet or you’re looking to merge, it is strongly recommended that you pull for green.

For mythic units you can pull

The banner includes Light, Dark Astra Mythic, Anima, and Anima types. This banner can help you increase your Aether raid scores.

Pass if You Want to Pull from The New Years Banner

The New Year’s Banner will appear on January 1. You may be tempted to put off saving your orbs to make way for Special Heroes.

For their skill, you can pull.

Focus heroes are useful units that may have skills that can be transferred to other units. Check out the following list to see which units have the most valuable skills.

For whom are you pulling?

Lilina: Summon Simulator of Firelight Leaders

Lilina: Firelight Leadership Focus Heroes

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