How to Block Twitch Ads with Adblock

Twitch is one the most popular streaming websites on the web. Twitch has millions of viewers every day who tune in to the site to see their favorite streams. Twitch uses ads to generate revenue from its streams.

Because they make the platform’s profit, and also support content creators, these ads are crucial. Some advertisements can be annoying so many people prefer to disable them.

Adblock had blocked Twitch ads until 2020. However, many Twitch users complain that Adblock doesn’t work in 2020. I’ve discussed the best way to block Twitch ads.

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How to Block Twitch Ads

Below are some ways to Block Twitch Ads. Please read the below solutions carefully before you implement them.

Adblock blocks ads on Twitch for most users. However, AdBlock has been reported to not be working for Twitch by many users. AdBlock may not be able to block Twitch ads when it becomes outdated.

Update the Adblock extension to fix this situation. You can update Adblock Chrome by following the below steps:

  1. Start Chrome, and then click the Menu button (three dots icon)
  2. Choose the Other tools option, then click on the Extensionsoptions.
  3. The Extensions menu will allow you to turn on the Developer Mode toggle, located in the upper right corner of your screen. This will open some additional options up at the top.
  4. For all installed extensions to be updated, you can click the Update option.
  1. Start Chrome again and launch Twitch.

AdBlock should immediately block Twitch’s ads. Try the following solution if Twitch ads continue to be blocked.

Solution 2 – Change the Adblock Settings

AdBlock extensions will block most ads from the time they are installed. Some Adblock extensions may require manual adjustments to their settings in order to stop Twitch ads.

Below I will show you how to modify the Adblock extension settings in Chrome to block Twitch advertisements. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Start Chrome, and then click the Adblock icon next to the address bar.
  2. Choose the menu icon (3 dots) to activate the Adblock Extension. Click on Option.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the General tab. Uncheck the Allow ads for specific Twitch channelsoption.
  1. Open Twitch and restart Chrome.

Make sure that Adblock still works on Twitch. The AdBlock will stop twitch ads by changing the extension settings.

Lösung 3: Change advanced Chrome settings

Adblock might not be working when Chrome is used with Chrome. A small change to the advanced Chrome settings could fix this problem. These steps will allow you to modify the advanced Chrome settings.

  1. In Chrome, type chrome://flags at the address bar. Click Enter to launch Chrome Flags.
  2. Click on the flags search button and type Network Service.
  3. The Runs and Data Reduction proxy services with the network serviceoptions are disabled.
  4. You can save your changes and restart Chrome.

Solution #4: You can try an alternative player

Alternate Player, an extension for Twitch which removes the majority of ads from Twitch’s live streams, is available. This extension allows you to see broadcasted streams from Twitch on another media player like VLC Media player or MX player.

The extension is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla, Edge. Install this extension on the browser you use to access Twitch streaming without ads.

5: Ignore Twitch Ads in Android

Twitch offers an Android app. An Android smartphone can be used to watch streams via the Twitch App instead of using the browser.

Although there are numerous benefits to Twitch’s app, I want to highlight one that Twitch has not intended. A trick that you can use to get around Twitch ads on your android phone is all it takes.

Simply press the More option in the upper right corner to see an ad on Twitch. After that, you can immediately click on the back button. Doing this will immediately skip all ads on the live stream.

You will need an Android emulator like Bluestacks in order to install the Twitch application on your Windows PC. This will allow you to also use the trick on the PC.

Solution 6 – Twitch Turbo

The Twitch Turbo subscription can be purchased if you do not like Twitch ads, or you are not willing to deal with the long and tedious process. Twitch turbo subscriptions mean that no advertisements will appear in live streams you view. You can also block Twitch ads legally.

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Wrapping Up

That’s it. Now you understand how Twitch ads can be blocked. If adblock doesn’t work on Twitch you should try the solutions 2, 3 and 4. Ask questions about this article in the comment section.