How to Install and Download Brave Browser

How to download and install Brave browser. This question was frequently asked by customers who wanted to know how they could download brave browser on Windows 10, Mac OS, or Linux. What’s the best way to install Brave? Will it protect my privacy? This article will show you how to download and install Brave browser cleanly for Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux Operating (Ubuntu).

How to download and install Brave browser

A brief introduction: Brave browser was created by Brave Software, Inc. and is free to use. It uses the Chromium browser. This browser does not allow website trackers or ads to be displayed. The Brave browser is blocked by website trackers and ads. You can read more about it in our blog, “Brave Browser: Things You Need to Know”.

How to install Brave in Windows 10

Step 1: Click here to download the installer file.

Step 2: Click Run or Save if prompted.

Step 3: Select Save and double-click on the downloaded file to begin installing.

Windows 7/7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are supported Windows Os

How do I install Brave for Mac

  • Get the installation file.
  • Save the file.
  • Find Brave in the opening window
  • Drag Brave into the Applications folder.
  • It is possible that you will be required to provide the administrator password.
  • You can drag Brave from your desktop to the place where you need it.
  • Open Brave.
  • Use Open Finder.
  • Click Eject in the sidebar to the right Brave.

Brave Windows 10 Tutorial Youtube Video

How to install Brave under Linux via the terminal

How to install Brave in Ubuntu via the terminal

Ubuntu installs Brave: First, open Terminal and then enter this command

  • sudo apt apt-transport -https
  • curl -s | sudo apt-key -keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/brave-browser-release.gpg add –

Source /etc/os/release

  • echo “deb $UBUNTU_CODENAME main” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release-$UBUNTU_CODENAME.list

  • sudo apt update

  • sudo apt-install brave-browser

How to install Brave on Fedora using the terminal

Fedora Brave: Type this command into the Terminal

  • sudo dnf config-manager -add-repo
  • sudo rpm -import
  • sudo dnf install brave-browser

How do you install Brave for Android?

Brave can be downloaded and installed directly on Android phones via the Play Store.

How to Install Brave on IOS

Brave can be downloaded and installed directly on Apple ios phones from the AppStore.


Here’s how to download and install Brave browser on your PC. Brave Browser is built with the fundamental logic that privacy is a fundamental human right. Brave Browser is the best tool to safeguard your privacy. It also allows you to update your security measures and Antivirus to monitor your social media activities. These options can also be offered by other Antivirus Firewalls that are more reliable, more secure and harder to crack.

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