Is Netflix worth South Africa’s 2021 budget?

Netflix will do everything it can to provide plans for South Africans. Mobile users have access to more plans to make them affordable, each month.

The launch of their mobile plans in sub-Saharan Africa was made official recently. As Netflix offers it as an add-on to existing plans, mobile users can access the relatively inexpensive option.

Netflix released the news on 29 June and introduced a new mobile plan to customers.

The streaming service was testing on 2 mobile plan options starting in 2020 since last year.

Spokesperson: The plan makes it easy for anyone to access their services via their smartphone.

The plan allows anyone who has a smartphone to access Netflix even more easily.

Netflix allows you to access all of the films and TV shows that Netflix offers, from anywhere and anytime.

The existing features have been enhanced with additional features such as the possibility to view movies and TV series offline. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Netflix Mobile Plan

Netflix Mobile plan subscribers will be subject to a R49 subscription fee per month. It is still a significant discount from the premium HTML169, standard HTML139 and basic plans.

A successfully subscribe allows users to access their plan via a smartphone or tablet. One device per viewer would receive the stream in SD (520p) or on one device.

Netflix subscribers can have unlimited access to all Netflix content via the Netflix Mobile Plan. You can link up to five profiles to your plan.

Netflix Subscription Fee

To subscribe to Netflix, users are to select from any of these plans; Mobile, Basic, Standard, or Premium. Go through the plans and prices to get an idea of what to expect as a

South African



Cost per month





Number of screens that can be streamed simultaneously


You can download to as many devices as you like


You can watch unlimited movies and shows


Watch on mobile device


View on Laptop and TV


HD available


Ultra HD Available

YesNetflix Subscription Plans start from R49 per Month to R169 Per Month

Netflix – Sign up

Android users should visit via a mobile browser (e.g. Opera Mini, Google Chrome or Opera Mini), etc.

The Netflix app is also available for download on Google Play.

It is important that you have an email account in order to set up an account with Netflix. Please enter the password and email address in the field provided.

Netflix Android users might get an email alert to allow them to continue. An email alert would include a link to move forward. To be directed to a mobile web browser, you will need to click the link.

You can choose the plan that is right for you. You may upgrade or downgrade the plan during renewal.

For payment to be processed, please fill out the following form. Once payment is successful, the stream becomes active.

You can learn more about how to signup Netflix for other devices.

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