It Was Alarming to See How Many Ads The Brave Firefox and VPN for iOS Blocked

The browsers of the past have brought a host of privacy and security enhancements to users’ browsing experience, in addition to removing trackers and advertisements. Brave announced today it is partnering with Guardian for a new iOS browser called Brave Firewall+ VPN.


That’s the name. Brave Software and Guardian have been Wonder Twinning to make a privacy-first, mobile browser available for iPhones or iPads. It will include a built-in VPN. Brave claims that this will allow you to have a more secure and private browsing experience. The VPN/firewall can be used for Brave as well for all other apps that you may use on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Brave Firewall + VPN app transmits user’s mobile traffic over an encrypted VPN connection to Guardian’s server. There will also be an identification of apps that track user data and blocking them. You will be able to continue using those apps and visit sites as you intended. They also claimed that the method won’t require nor retain user information. It will be using a “pseudonymous” digital receipt from the App Store, to allow users VPN access, while also connecting with VPN servers via “randomized, rotating EAP identifiers.” According to the developers, this app will let users connect to VPN servers while using a “pseudonymous digital receipt” via Apple’s App Store.

Brave Firewall+ VPN early access was available to me on my iPhone. This version is extremely zippy when compared with Chrome or Safari. Although neither of these browsers is particularly slow on my iPhone, I noticed a significant difference in their speed. When I went to a couple of my favorites sites, I was immediately shocked that the browser had told me within 3 minutes it had removed 107 advertisements and trackeders from my phone and offered 2 HTTPS upgrades. This was supposed to have saved me five seconds.

Although I loved the idea of being able to read a site that was not optimized for mobile, it is something I really appreciated. It was also fun to examine which sites had the best trackers and ads. The journey was very educational.


Brave Firewall+ VPN could be completely free, so we’d all enjoy being able to browse quickly, safely, and in privacy. Unfortunately, our world isn’t perfect. This premium feature requires you to pay either $10 per month (or $100 per annum) for it. The trial period is 7 days. The good news is that you can use the firewall on as many devices as you like with a subscription. Brave Firewall + VPN only supports iOS, which is a bummer. Brave has stated, however that it will eventually be made available on other platforms later in the year.