It was horrifying to see how many ads the new Brave browser and VPN for iOS blocked

Browsers offer privacy and security features that have been added to their browsers over time, despite the constant stream of trackers and ads. Brave, the latest browser to announce today its partnership with Guardian in order launch an updated version of iOS browser Brave Firewall+ VPN.


This name sums up the whole thing. Brave Software, Guardian and Wonder Twinning are creating a privacy-first iOS and iPad mobile browser with its own VPN. According to the companies, you will have a safer and more private browsing experience. It also works three to six times faster because it “combines privacy-based digital advertisement platform with blockchain technology.” Brave Software has stated in a press release that its VPN and firewall will be available for Brave’s app as well as any other apps on an iPad or iPhone.

It works by using the Brave Firewall + VPN App to send a user’s mobile traffic through an encrypted VPN to Guardian’s servers. Apps that track your data secretly will be detected and blocked. These apps will still be available to you, and you can continue using them as usual. These companies claim this will not retain or require any user data. They claim that the app will instead use a pseudonymous digital receipt via the App store to grant VPN access and then connect with VPN servers using random, rotatable EAP IDs. The end result, they claim, will allow you to connect to VPN servers with no need to reveal any information about your identity to Guardian or Brave.

Brave Firewall + VPN was an early version that I tried on my iPhone. It is very zippy in comparison to Chrome and Safari. Although I didn’t think either browser was slow, the speed difference was evident. After visiting a handful of my favourite sites, I was shocked when the browser informed me it had stopped 107 trackers and blocked me from browsing for 3 minutes. It also gave me two HTTPS upgrade options. This saved me 5 seconds of my time.

It was a pleasure to be able to visit a website I love and not have to use a poor mobile experience. It was “fun” also to see which websites I had visited with the highest number of ads or trackers. The experience was informative, to put it mildly.


Brave Firewall + VPN should be available for free. We would enjoy the freedom to surf quickly, privately, and securely in an ideal world. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Unfortunately, this premium feature is not available to all subscribers. You will need to subscribe at either $10 per month or $100 annually. You do however get a free 7-day trial. A subscription allows you to access the firewall from up to five devices. Brave Firewall+ VPN currently only works on iOS. Brave stated that other platforms will be available “later in the year.”