Italy Moves Towards New Elections

Italy always puts on a good show. It is always good political theater. I can recall years ago thinking, “Tom! Seriously, what are you missing?” And that was in those early days of reality TV.

It continues to be a grand tradition in Italy that government has been more closely related to performance arts than to public policy. Since this game can be very dangerous, I know that I am being facetious. Italy is an important lynchpin in the great Davos Crowd dreams of economic and social global dominance. What happens politically can have a profound impact on the entire world.

Davos will be hosting the annual meeting of potential world leaders. It’s fitting then that Italy’s dynamic political landscape is changing.

Rome is currently in turmoil since the August collapse of the populist regime when Lega’s Matteo Salvini tried for a fresh election. He was unsuccessful.

Five Star’s leader Luigi Di Maio lied against Salvini by agreeing to a partnership with the globalist Democrats. Di Maio betrayed more than his once-coalition partner. Five Star had only one purpose: to protest the continued submission of Rome to Brussels.

He betrayed what was nominally Italy’s traditional left, something that PD thought they had assumed during the decades-long shift to international.

As the Democrats of the U.S. assumed the unionist vote was a guarantee and Labour in U.K. believed that they would never be able to jump to the conservatives’, PD abandoned those people in its pursuit for further EU integration.

Five Star had the appeal of speaking for them and all others. It is this reason that it polled at least 35% of the vote going into March 2018. That’s why Sergio Mattarella declared parliament dissolved in early 2017 to prevent an even greater rise in votes for Five Star or Lega.

My prediction was that the deal made by Di Maio and Salvini with PD would not last. Five Star would lose polling, Lega’s numbers would rise, and the coalition will be overthrown slowly by the globalist elements of Italy’s political system, having regained control.

Today’s focus is on:

I further stated:

Di Maio, who was betrayed by his country in 2015 and turned to a traitor in 2016, is now in the exact same situation as Alexis Tsipras in Greece.

For everyone’s information, Tsipras was fired from his job in July and is the hated person in Greece. Because he sold out allegiance to the Greek people in June, a government of center-right was ushered into power.

Five Star’s head Di Maio has been removed today. This party is in crisis. The Foreign Minister is not going to resign because he sold out his country, and his party. Salvini’s job is over, and Five Star without him will disappear into insignificance.

It’s flirting with 16% Chasm. A breach of which can be interpreted as a sign that the public is progressing is the sign it is.

Five Star has seen its share of decline. It lost close to 20 MP’s in the span of its government tenure. Salvini’s opposition party was responsible for the defections of three MPs in mid-December.

Now, the coalition has a slim majority of 5 seats. The opposition seems to be growing more disillusioned. It is the weekend vote in Emilia Romagna – the birthplace Italian Communism – that has pushed the government into crisis.

Di Maio blaming Salvini for bribing senators leaving Five Star is a dramatic example of the untruess of Washington D.C.

Salvini’s center right coalition secured victory in Umbria (another former stronghold of left) on October. Five Star is now only 5% present in Emilia Romagna.

Salvini winning the election there would signal clearly that Italy occupies territory. Pressure will build on Giuseppe Conte for dissolution of the government.

Conte has been caught previously on a hot mic, promising German Chancellor Angela Merkel Italy will be delivered to Brussels. But he will keep his power.

Emilia Romagna polling shows that there is no difference between the campaigns. These are the same issues that led to Trump’s victory in 2016 and Brexit.

Do middle class Italian workers want to let out their frustrations and rage on tone deaf elites in Italy or do they prefer old prejudices? Is this you?

If December’s British Elections were any indication, the levels of European discontent are high. I won’t be in Contes shoes for more than a few months.

It is because the Italian bonds markets have collapsed, its banks are bankrupt and it has been held together by the fragile coalition of Rome and the ECB commitment to destroying euro-zone risk assessments.

Italy’s political play is not just a show, it is the centerpiece of the implosion in Europe.

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