Jason A. Strange Sounds & Earthquakes Across the Globe! Video of the Year!

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Jason A

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End of the days..regardless what anyone says.

All things are getting more intense. There are more birth pangs. The King of Kings has returned.

God’s Judgments just begin.

California is America’s main food source. Stock up on food now, because there is a coming Famine.

Is there anyone else who thinks that it is strange they call wildfires wildfires?

Are you hearing thunder or a blowing trumpet? These sounds will only get more louder when we go ….. Jesus will come

Covid-19 virus is a powerful and deadly one. These are the key features

• Cured measles and heart disease as well as cancers. Also, abolished death from natural causes

It’s an intelligent virus that is highly infectious in gyms, schools, churches, and parks as well as on beaches.

This has no impact on thousands of workers at Kmart BigW, Target and Bunnings . especially at liquor stores

The virus appears to be primarily targeting mom and dad-owned businesses, as well as barbershops. These places have a much lower number of customers than others.

The virus can also affect our food chain as it has closed meat packing plants and made farmers throw away their harvests in record time. (USA).

Construction and supermarket workers are immune to the flu, however they still require vaccination.

Also, the treatment for the virus is in the police uniforms. No social distancing or masks required, so long as the uniform you are wearing…

It doesn’t effect children except in a handful of cases… Same with animals.

This strange virus can also be prevented by imposing cloth masks on people to keep them from breathing too much oxygen. People who have been affected by the virus are able to get their lungs back to normal with chemical aeroborne disinfectants.

We would require millions upon millions of ventilators… except that we don’t suddenly need them…

We need to take over all private hospitals so that they can continue to be open for both the avalanche virus victims and TikTok videos from the exhausted heroes doctors and nurses.

Known as the ‘invisible enemy’. It is a person who cannot be defeated and remains in shadows. This much mirrors the war on terror.

It loves New York, too. A really cosmopolitan virus!

There is also a Celebrity Strain and a very Deadly Strain.

Even more incredible, you can even hug your grandchildren in Sweden, but the UK bans it.

In India, alone, the virus was able to infect 1.3 Billion people and lock them in their houses indefinitely after decimating 1000 in a matter of months.

Every death from the virus is terrible… but pushing 150-500 millions people to starvation is an acceptable price…

Experts have suggested that the seasonal virus can be easily defeated by permanently removing families and individual privacy and untraceable money from all small farms and businesses.

We may all have it now but, even if we aren’t, we still can infect others and either test negative or positive for the virus. Our antibodies might or may not confer immunity.

Only a highly government-funded, rigorously tested, and compulsory vaccine could save us from a continually mutating virus that infects 7 billion people every year. This particular virus strain has been around for many years.

It hates individuals and groups… Auction off your kitchenware to support “Skip The Dishes” & the “Uber Eats”. Increase in costs for consumer stick-built structure commodities but no increase in steel structural hardware . You can’t purchase seeds but you can still buy coca-cola cases at the same . Farmers markets have been banned but you can still purchase peaches from South America containing pesticides. However, it is possible to find pharma SSRI’s, Opioids and Benzodiazepine’s as well as Cigarettes, Alcohol and Diabetes medication.

The odds of you being positive are higher than those who have been inflicted by covid.

The patent for virus vaccination was found in basement 7 with Clinton’s email server, Epstein’s tapes and the “beta” tapes.

The virus does not affect the mind of people who apply power to televisions and base their decisions on the breaking of new information on dead trees.

Ensure that you don’t spread false news online or misinformation about the virus. This is why professionals at CBC, CTV and Global are the best sources of reliable information.

Google: operation sea-spray

We have been told corona V1 is available. V0.9 was a beta version.

Duckduckgo: 11 Steps to Marxism Frankfurt – Go to Images – Apply checkmarks


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