Joe Rogan claims that on the JRE Podcast, he uses cryptobased Brave Browser

Joe Rogan (JRE) said that he uses Brave Browser on the Joe Rogan Experience. This privacy-focused browser lets users send cryptocurrency payments to content creators and publishers.

He stated

“I use brave, I use duckduckgo too.”

Brave Browser, along with Reddit is one of few crypto-based platforms which boasts tens to millions of users.

Brave was created by Java founder Brendan Eich and reached 15,000,000 monthly active users in June 2.

Cryptography deserves solid publicity

The main hurdle facing the cryptocurrency market since the 2009 release of Bitcoin was mainstream adoption.

The first cryptocurrency that has seen mainstream acceptance as a store-of-value is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin allows users to send and receive money without the involvement of a third party. Bitcoin’s decentralized nature allowed for it to grow into an attractive store of value in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia.

However, decentralized apps, which are also known as Bitcoin, have struggled to gain widespread adoption. It is more difficult to convince new users that they prefer decentralized platforms to centralized ones, as the latter is slower and more complicated.

Users must have a reason to switch to another provider in order to convince them.

Brave Browser’s privacy-focused and ad-free philosophy was the compelling incentive to users to abandon Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Brave blocks website trackers and ads automatically. To perform the same function, Chrome users can install additional plugins. Brave Browser allows users to use crypto, but it is not mandatory. As people become more familiar with Brave Browser, they may be able to use crypto assets more often.

mainstream acceptance is possible by offering appealing features and allowing for the use of crypto-based services which are optional but not required.

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Is it possible to adopt decentralized platforms without mainstream adoption?

The total market capitalization for crypto assets was $500 billion in December 2017.

Vitalik Buterin, co-creator of Ethereum, questioned the value of cryptocurrency at the time. stated.

So the cryptocoin total market capital just reached $0.5T. However, have we really earned this? What number of unbanked individuals have we helped to bank? What amount of censorship-resistant commerce have we made possible for common citizens? What number of dapps did we create that are widely used? Although a low added value for users using blockchains is acceptable, it’s not enough to compensate for the volume.

Many crypto-using, decentralized platforms are reaching hundreds of millions of users. This means that the space for cryptocurrency adoption is becoming more accessible to casual users.

To support the 2017 valuations, however, crypto needs an exponential growth in its users on many platforms and cryptocurrencies, and not just Bitcoin.

Brave Web Browser allows you to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

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