Joe Rogan, Luongo Just Made The Death Star

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Joe Rogan (a self-described’meathead,’) was ultimately able to redefine the term “Star Wars.”

Joe Rogan, who signed a 100 million dollar deal with Spotify is a prime example of someone with star potential.

I’m not saying it. Alex Jones is Rogan’s best friend.

Short answer: He is going to war with Silicon Valley.

You know, because even Joe can see that things are too far.

Rogan is the exception to podcasting. Who can do it better than Rogan to get three hours of conversation with a person for tens and millions of listeners?

CNN has no way to make people watch them even for five minutes in airports. Wi-fi is now available at all airports. It’s true that before the Coronapocalypse more people were using the Joe Rogan experience in airports daily than CNN.

Rogan’s greatest asset is his ability to openly talk with people and listen. Rogan’s willingness to talk with and listen to anyone is what has helped him rise to the top of Spotify.

It’s a time of infinite spectacles and web pages and TV screens crammed full of graphics that distract you from what is important. The simple act of having a conversation with two people, who don’t shout at each other, has made it a source of joy and sanity in this age.

It’s been a while since we waited to see a major name leave the social media platform that treated us like cattle.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms have the advantage of being dominant and allowing major influencers to stay put.

It’s a completely new game now that one of them has done so. Don’t forget, the Empire has been attacking us for years for ridiculing our decision to elect Donald Trump president.

Joe Rogan is now telling the country that he has had enough. Joe was the right person to help us do this.

Rogan however is only part of this story. It was also necessary for one platform to allow dissenters to join the ranks.

Joe Rogan was the killer app for Spotify to distinguish themselves from other partisan platforms and start the exodus of partisans.

Spotify Board members may not be aware of this, but it’s something that they must realize. They are Echo Base. The walkers will soon be arriving.

The Catch-22 situation is ideal for smaller to medium-sized creators looking to oppose censorship and open partisanship. You won’t see enough of your audience if you leave the dominant platform.

However, if they are not allowed to leave the area they’ll be shadow-banned. If they ever break out, they will be deplatformed as soon they reach too much.

They won’t win and will not be challenged by those in power. This film has been shown many times.

Joe Rogan can’t be taken down, and he doesn’t judge his worth by the opinions of his followers.

Alex Jones was the most casualty and virtually no one stood in his way. Rogan, in fact, believed he was able to work openly with Silicon Valley by simply working from the outside.

Like so many people, he didn’t believe that these people were as evil or determined on ensuring certain people controlled politics. It’s something that many people have known for some time, but it is now obvious to him.

That makes it a big wake up call to the millions of people who follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Their drive for universal censorship and surveillance during a severe health crisis is what all of this comes down to. The problem is that they couldn’t let Rogan do it and were forced to suppress dissent.

They were forced to get rid of wrongthink and gave the Karens and the Trolls permission to do so.

Their big push for worldwide control of all elements of what I call The Wire — vital communication conduits to every society — is evident.

Wire are a metaphor that describes the transmission of information. You can see The Wire in many different forms. It can take many forms.

The article cuts straight to the point of what the true battleground is in this war. This article was written a year and one-half ago. It was clear to me that platforms and the oligarchs that backed them were going to push for more dominance over The Wire, which would make it difficult for Donald Trump to be reelected in this year.

They dressed the actors for their tightening of information and freedom speech. Now, it is almost impossible to discern what is true information.

Trump is just like Joe Rogan. Both of them have their Fuck You Money versions. Trump and Rogan have billions. Rogan, however, has millions.

COVID-19, they thought they could shame us into putting up a fight as they deplatformed, censored and marginalized everyone that didn’t conform to their plan.

Joe Rogan just wanted to have a conversation with real doctors, get medical opinions and talk about it. However, that was impossible.

Rogan’s decision to make this his turning point makes perfect sense after such horror shows during the Democratic primary.

This also proves that Coronapocalypse is nothing other than an enormous political operation to seize power unimaginable.

The Wire can be controlled to make people believe anything.

Tyrants are a problem because power can make you dumb and lazy. The power you have can cause moments of incandescent hilarity and unfathomable decisions in the backseat, yet it is still done.

The reason they believe that their power will protect them against their ignorance.

YouTube clearly thought Rogan wouldn’t want to risk his reputation by leaving their platform. They cannot imagine people who do not act to accumulate power, money, and control.

They fail to realize that success is not synonymous with ego or self-importance. These can easily be corrupted and coopted. The principled, curious man will sometimes simply say “No”.

Podcasting continues to grow. Joe Rogan realizes that YouTube is Google’s loss leader. Joe Rogan understands this too. Spotify understands it has to find a revenue model for music that’s unique and not complacent.

Joe Rogan has a special place in the world of NPCs, sycophants, and talented talking heads.

These things can be combined to make the exhaust port of two meters look like the Grand Canyon.

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