Kiwi Browser has Google Chrome Extensions available for Android in its latest update

The latest Kiwi Browser update adds Google Chrome Extensions for Android

Google’s Chromium browser, which is open-source by Google, forms the foundation of many other web browsers. Microsoft Edge for Windows and Brave Web are some examples of major web browsers that use the Blink browser engine (Chromium’s browser engine). These browsers can all be run on the same engine but the features that they support may differ. The two features missing from nearly all Chromium-based Android browsers are bookmark sync with Google and Chrome extension support. You can solve the first problem with a desktop extension. This is why Brave Browser, Samsung Internet provide Chrome sync functionality. However, the latter is more difficult because Google’s official Chromium build for Android doesn’t support Google Chrome extension. XDA Senior member arnaud42 is the Kiwi Browser developer and has added Chrome extension support to the most recent version.

The speedy Chromium browser Kiwi was discovered in our forums last. The browser was developed by arnaud42 and includes a dark theme, an ad blocker , top address bar , edge swipe gesture , reachability and many other improvements. The browser has been updated to allow import of any Google Chrome extension which doesn’t rely upon x86 binary codes. This means not all extensions will be compatible, but most existing Chrome extensions should. According to the developer, extensions such as Stylus and YouTube Dark Theme work. You may even be able to install scripts from TamperMonkey/ViolentMonkey. After Yandex Chrome, Kiwi now supports extensions for desktop Chrome.

Kiwi Browser can be downloaded from XDA Labs. The app can also be downloaded on Google Play. However, Kiwi Browser is being released as an XDA Exclusive for 24 hours.

Kiwi Browser Download from XDA Labs

If you are having trouble downloading the version via XDA Labs you can get the most recent version here.

Installing a Google Chrome Extension in Kiwi Browser

After you have installed the most recent version of Kiwi Browser you will need to activate extension support.

  1. Start Kiwi Browser, and type chrome://extensions into the address bar.
  2. Enable developer mode. You may have to restart the tab if it does not appear.

You can then install Chrome extensions in either of these two ways.


  1. Navigate to the Google Chrome Store on Desktop Mode.
  2. Choose the extension you prefer.
  3. It’s easy to install. It’s that easy!

It is harder

  1. Install TotalCommander File Manager. While other file managers might work, Kiwi Browser requires a specific file URL to be provided when choosing a file.
  2. You can download a Chrome extension file as.CRX. The website will assist you.
  3. Modify the extension file of the file to.ZIP instead of.CRX
  4. An app such as RAR can unpack the ZIP to a folder. While other archive management apps might work, I was unable to use MiXplorer’s unarchive feature.
  5. Simply click “Load Unpacked Extension.”
  6. Select the manifest.json file with TotalCommander (TotalCmd ://).). Chrome://extensions should now load the extension. However, it might not appear in chrome://extensions unless you refresh the tab. You may encounter errors stating that the _ characters are not accepted in files. In this case, you can try to remove the _ from the end of the metadata folder that you have unpacked.

The latest version of Kiwi Browser is almost a perfect replacement for Google Chrome. Browser sync is all that is missing, but it is easily implemented with a workaround. Now is a good time to switch from Kiwi. To give your feedback, make sure you visit the forum thread.