Microsoft Edge Browser iOS 3D Touch Support and Other Updates

Microsoft released a new Edge browser update on iPhones, adding some additional features. 3D Touch support is one of the most distinctive features of the Apple iPhone. This update’s key announcement was made. It was long anticipated, particularly since 3D Touch support was introduced as an iPhone feature in the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s Plus back three years ago.

Microsoft Edge iOS v1.0 brings 3D Touch pop, peek and faster app start times. The 3D Touch feature is what makes the iOS app stand out, but there are many other features that have brought it up to par with the Android version. Edge now uses the 3D Touch feature of most iPhone models. This allows users to view pages using 3D Touch, rather than opening them. To see what is inside, users can “pop” to those pages and bring them full-screen.

Edge browser users with iOS devices have the ability to select a region from pages appearing in the News Feed on the “New Tab”. page. To customize the content, you can access the Settings menu by clicking on New Tab. Updated features include the Find in Page option in the “…” Menu, the ability to open a new tab in background mode by pressing a link long enough, and the ability to share Edge browser links from other apps via share sheet. Outlook users can set Outlook to open Edge links.

Microsoft Edge iOS 5.0 is now available to download. However, developers at Microsoft have stated that Edge browser support will soon be offered for iPad and Android tablets.