Microsoft Edge free download Windows 7/8/10

Microsoft Edge offers advanced internet explorer that provides more privacy, control and productivity. It allows you to browse from anywhere using one experience. To enjoy a completely new web experience, you can download Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge: Overview

Microsoft Edge allows you to surf anywhere from your smartphone, computer or other sign-in devices with just one seamless experience. Microsoft Edge offers privacy protection tools such as tracking prevention, AdBlock Plus or InPrivate browsing.

This allows you organize the internet in a way that cut through the clutter. You’ll be able to easily find, view, manage and control your content wherever you are. Microsoft Edge has the best compatibility, performance and new features. It is your only browser.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge: The main features

Organise your life on the go

The collection feature makes it easy to gather and arrange the content found on the Internet across signed-in devices. It is also available for your mobile device.

Check out InPrivate

When you open InPrivate browser tabs, all of your browsing data such as history, cookies and autofill information are deleted.

Block ads

Microsoft Edge has an integrated Adblocker, so you don’t need any other plugin. To disable Adblocker, go to Settings > Content Blockers.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Reward offers another great feature: You can receive rewards when you search with Bing for shopping deals and other nearby products.

Experience personalized browsing

Microsoft Edge provides a personal browsing experience with a great user interface. Your favorites, passwords, collections, and any other data can be securely synchronized across devices.

Improved Compatibility and Speed

Microsoft has released a new web browser that offers an all-new web experience. It is faster, more compatible and provides a better user interface.

There are pros

  • Ad Blocks
  • Get Rewards
  • Browser InPrivate
  • Improved speed
  • Interactive user interface

Google Play Store Rating

The Microsoft Edge received a rating 4 on the Google Play Store.

Microsoft Edge PC Version

Microsoft Edge is accessible on mobile as well as desktop, however most users prefer mobile to get the application. Microsoft Edge Android for PC is a great choice. With the aid of an Android emulator, I’ll show you how to install Microsoft Edge.

Bluestacks allows you to install Microsoft Edge from Android and then enjoy its many features on your Windows PC. We will first look at Bluestacks’ requirements and then the steps required to get the Microsoft Edge PC version installed.

Microsoft Edge


  • You can get a computer or laptop running Windows, macOS or both
  • Next, download an Android Emulator like Bluestacks and Nox Player.
  • An active internet connection is available
  • Minimum 4GB hard drive storage space is needed
  • You can get a better user experience with 4GB of RAM
  • The rest of the tutorial is available.

Microsoft Edge Installation

  1. Download the emulator, and then open it. (I’m using Bluestacks)..
  2. You can open a play store using the Emulator.
  3. Enter “Microsoft Edge” in the search field.
  4. Click on Microsoft Edge and tap the Search Results button.
  5. Give it a while to fully complete the installation.
  6. After some time, Microsoft Edge will appear on your PC.

Alternate to Microsoft EdgeVPN

  • FireFox Browser
  • Mozilla Browser
  • Safari Browser
  • Opera Browser


While I was never a big fan of internet browsers, Microsoft Edge is transforming the way I browse. I am now enjoying a much faster browsing experience and additional features such as Browser InPrivate or Adblocker. We suggest that you try Microsoft Edge at minimum once.

You will find all the steps required to install Microsoft Edge for PC in this tutorial. However, if you need help, feel free to contact us via the comments section.


Do you know of an official Microsoft Edge PC Version?

The official Microsoft Edge PC Version is not available. But, you can use the Android version as the Microsoft Edge PC.

Do I have the ability to use Microsoft Edge with Windows?

However, Microsoft Edge can be run on Windows with the aid of an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks 4.2 and NoxPlayer.

What is the Google Play Store’s availability of Microsoft Edge?

The official version of the app is not yet available through Google Play Store. You can however download it via the Google Play Store by Clicking here .

Where can I get Microsoft Edge for macOS installed?

BlueStacks official version 4.1 is required to install Microsoft Edge for macOS.

Are you able to install Microsoft Edge on your PC?

It is safe! You can download Microsoft Edge and install it on your computer completely safely. Microsoft Edge is installed using Google Play Store. These are not unsafe methods or tools.

Microsoft Edge for PC is it FREE?

YES. Microsoft Edge is an absolutely free application for Android as well as for PC.