Mozilla Firefox Adblock Plus: Millions of people have lost access to it in the last year

Adblock Plus, the content-blocking addon that Mozilla Firefox uses most often is Adblock Plus. It is actually the most used Firefox add-on by far.

The Adblock Plus’ 14 million+ users outnumber second-placed uBlock Origin, which has more than 10,000,000 users. However, Adblock Plus has seen a decline in its user base over the last year.

Quick checks reveal that Adblock Plus’ daily average users and daily downloads have fallen. On September 29, 2016, Adblock Plus was used by an average 21.4 million people daily. The add-on was also downloaded 181,000 more times that day.

On September 27, 2017, daily users were at 15.4 millions and daily downloads 89,000, respectively. This is an approximate six-million user drop over a one year, as well as a decline in daily downloads of 92,000 compared with the statistics a year earlier.

You could also argue that Firefox usage is down, which would mean that daily downloads and users are dropping more than any other factor. This would also mean other add-ons will see similar declines in use.

You will see that uBlock Origin is the most downloaded add-on in Mozilla AMO. It also blocks content.

On September 29, 2016, uBlock Origin was home to 1.5 million users per day and 22,000 daily downloaded files. On September 27, 2017, uBlock Origin had 4.1 million users per day and approximately 55,000 daily downloadings.

In just one year, the add-on was able to double its users and downloads per day.

Fair enough, uBlock Origin’s daily downloadings jumped just after September 29th. They dropped significantly at the end June, but have since recovered.

The release of the WebExtensions version of uBlock Origin may have been responsible for the huge increase in downloads towards the end August. Adblock Plus also saw an increase in daily downloads around the same period, although both numbers dropped to their previous levels soon after.

Let’s go back to our initial question. Why did Adblock Plus see its daily users drop by millions, while other extensions saw an increase?

Let’s look at some possible explanations.

  • Adblock Plus may have an Acceptable Ads program. Although Adblock Plus can be disabled, users might have difficulty doing this or choose to use another content-blocker.
  • Adblock Plus may have suffered from the popularity increase of uBlock Origin. Adblock Plus interest dropped , according Google Trends. However, uBlock Origin interest grew only marginally.

Although it is possible that uBlock Origin was used by Adblock Plus users, this doesn’t explain why the millions more users migrated to the new extension. It could be an update in the reporting of Mozilla AMO.

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Mozilla Firefox: Adblock Plus has lost millions of users over the last year


Adblock Plus, the content-blocking addon that Mozilla Firefox uses most often is Adblock Plus. It is actually the most used Firefox add-on by far.


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