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    Download Opera GX Browser here:

    Find your best Browser:

    Won’t Run in Private Mode. (Although you can enable cookie policies in preferences).

    SAFARI browser won’t work

    – Not compatible with SmartPhones and Tablets

    Web-browser links:

    You can scroll to the bottom for additional information.

    This feature can be disabled following instructions from OperaGX chapter 21.

    Opera GX browser is recommended for those who have persistent problems with Opera GX or don’t wish to spend too much time.

    Refresh your browser to check if your computer is slow. If your browser does not update, restart the login process by hitting F5 or refreshing. You can find further instructions in chapter 15: Update your browser.

    For the platform to work properly, you must close tabs, windows and other programs.

    If you click on any of the avatars, there will be three options.

    How can I connect with other users?

    The first thing you should do is to register as a ticket holder. To purchase a ticket, please go to the event website. Tickets come with a unique code number. It is your ticket identification. You can enter the ticket ID by clicking on “My Tickets”

    How do I confirm my ticket ID for the event?


    Hallo! Hi! It is unnecessary if you use a computer gaming system.

    While it’s not mandatory to use a keyboard on gaming platforms, it is recommended. WebGL performance can be significantly improved with a graphics card.

    OFFF Festival is available for tickets and content access after-event.


  1. Go to Fullscreen.

  2. Choose your language

  3. Select the desired language from the drop-down menu.

  4. You can log in or register by clicking “Log In”

  5. Register: this step must be taken if it is your first.

    Log In: Tap Here if your profile is already registered.

  6. Register

  7. Your username cannot be changed once you’ve registered. The password and email you have entered are not stored or saved by the company. The information you provide goes to Microsoft.

  8. The number of users connected determines which server to choose.

  9. The servers work exactly the same way. Divide them into 250 user servers for a more complete gaming experience.

    Switch servers with friends that are already on the same server.

    You should switch to a less-connected server if latency is an issue.

  10. Public Profile

  11. The face icon is located on the right. Click it to add the information to your public profile. Your avatar’s information will also be available to others who tap it.

  12. Avatar Customizer:

  13. You can customize your fluid gender avatar by tapping the hanger symbol. Create your virtual person by selecting your attire, accessories, facial features, and skin tone.

  14. Tutorial:

  15. A tutorial will be run if this is your first visit to the platform. The tutorial will show you how to use the platform for the first time.

    To skip the tutorial, simply walk to the blue lines and then press the Skip button located in the lower right corner.

  16. Buy My Tickets

  17. For access to the interior, and the enjoyment of the conferences you will need your ticket/s. Click the My Tickets’ button.

    Enter your ticket number. Select ‘Validate tickets’.

  18. Networking

  19. For accessing the interior of the conference and enjoying the talks, please enter your ticket/s through the “My Tickets” button.

    Three options will appear when you push on any avatar.

    Register button

    You can chat with this player privately by clicking here

    You can add this player as a contact by clicking here


  20. WebGL: What do you mean?

  21. The above live demo will show you if your browser can run WebGL. Live Demo

    For WebGL to be enabled in my browser, please follow these visual steps:

    Your display driver may be older than 2010, so you might need to install the latest version. Make sure to remove any extension which could be disabling WebGL.

  22. Video Plays Slowly, Buffer Error and Black Screen.

  23. It is not possible to use WebGL with current browsers or drivers for nvidia. It is most prevalent on Windows laptops. Opera GXbrowser should be used if the problem is severe. Only browser which fixes the problem and maximizes your hardware’s performance.

    For those with less powerful hardware, please close tabs, windows and other programs so your computer is able to run the platform. Once your login has been restarted, refresh your screen by pressing F5.

  24. OperaGX can make strange noises when you push keys.

  25. You can access the settings panel by scrolling to the right.