Opera 60 now comes with an easier, more reliable VPN. Netflix isn’t blocking it yet

Opera’s 2016 release of an unlimited, -free VPN proxy for the Opera browser was one its best additions in many years. Netflix blocked the VPN because it was too slow. Opera 60 has improved the VPN speed and you can now view Netflix movies in other countries.

A new feature for cryptocurrency users is Opera60. Also known as “Reborn 3”, or simply R3, this wallet uses the Ethereum Web3 technology to create a crypto wallet.

However, it’s safe to assume that VPN is the main draw. Netflix subscribers may be aware that Netflix offers an international selection of TV and movies. In some cases, Netflix even has new releases that aren’t available to U.S. audiences.

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A screenshot of Opera 60 showing the VPN tab.

This would normally mean that you are out of luck. Some people will spend $50 to get a VPN that bypasses restrictions in their region (as noted in our Top 10 VPN Services). Opera 60 offers this service completely free of charge. It was possible to access Netflix South America and Netflix for the Netherlands, as well as a variety of TV and movie shows including Rick & Morty, Spiderman: Homecoming and others that are not available on Netflix U.S.

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This is a screenshot of Rick and Morty taken from Netflix’s app using Opera’s VPN on April 10, 2019. Williams Street owns Rick and Morty and Warner Bros. Television distributes it.

Opera 60 is required to access additional content. You can enable VPN by default, but you will need to activate it manually. Click the tiny VPN button at the URL bar and make sure that the toggle switch to On is turned to the “On” position. From there you have the choice of choosing a region.

Opera’s VPN doesn’t anonymize your internet connection with encryption. Instead, it informs remote servers that you are located somewhere else. Opera’s VPN gives you the choice between an “optimal place” in a nearby area, Europe or Asia, as well. You can only select from these three areas. You can still use the VPN to protect yourself from websites using your address to show you advertisements, view localized pages, and many other purposes.

We noticed that Opera’s VPN was slow and choppy when we tried it in 2016. We found that this was not true in the 2019 service for the European or “Americas”. The Asian VPN connection was too slow to watch movies such as Venom. Navigating back and forth disrupted the stream long enough for us to give up.

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Opera VPN allows you to stream Netflix from the United States. However, there are some extra content not offered in your country.

We also tested Opera’s VPN speed claims. Although network speeds are dependent on your bandwidth, wired and wireless connections, distance from the server and network congestion and other factors, overall we found the connection to be somewhat faster: 8.53Mbps down for Opera 60’s VPN connection and 7.38Mbps lower for Opera 58’s VPN connection. The tests were conducted at the Americas location, which has a broadband connection of over 100Mbps.

Opera may have used the same VPN connection for both runs, which could explain why our second test was faster. We still ran six speed tests with each browser version, three of which connected to Bing’s speed tester widget and three that used Ooklas Speedtest.com to connect to the same server. Opera 60 was consistently quicker in all tests.

Opera’s VPN service is free and unlimited. You won’t need to exceed a bandwidth limit. After Opera’s mobile VPN was shut down more than a decade ago, it is now available for mobile. There’s always the possibility that the VPN will be overloaded by too many people, even though it is free. Netflix might also be able to limit your viewing of foreign content.

Remember that VPNs don’t give you complete anonymity as your internet browsing is routed through Opera’s servers. Opera, despite being sold to China several years back, still resides in Norway and its executives claim that they are bound by strict privacy laws.

Opera is the most popular web browser. This is based on its speed and memory footprint. It’s an extremely niche product, with less than 2 % of the market at March 2019, When Opera launched, we were impressed by its free VPN. Opera’s browser deserves to be more prominent with a newly powered-up VPN.

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