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Opera, the largest browser with Twitter integration, is pleased to be able to display it in its sidebar. Opera desktop 69 now offers the latest version to all Twitter enthusiasts.

Opera offers special features that aren’t found in major browsers. Opera comes standard with an ad-blocker and tracker blocking, a free browser VPN, Crypto Wallet and integrated social media messaging.

Shortly after we released built-in Instagram support, our Twitter feature followed. We reached a record number in March 2020.

Get a better experience on Twitter

We conducted a survey before the launch and found that 62% US Twitter users want the social media platform easier to use from their computers.

Twitter users feel it should make Twitter easier on their computer. To that end, we’ve tweaked Opera so it is the right browser.

Our survey revealed that 39% of respondents to the survey regularly check Twitter. Opera has the Twitter feature that makes scrolling through and searching Twitter easier.

Twittering and sending direct messages are easier with a large screen and keyboard. To use Twitter from your browser’s toolbar, it is much more efficient than using a client app or picking up your smartphone. This especially applies to breaking news that you wish to follow. It’s easier to locate Twitter from the sidebar.

Simple words: It doesn’t matter if it is a #Caturday or Throwback Thursday, nobody likes spending time trying to find the last place they opened Twitter.

Opera includes Twitter, which gives you easy access to your main stream, search function and direct messages. It allows you to react to current events faster.

Simply click on the three-dot symbol at the bottom to enable Twitter within Opera. Then, tick Twitter under the Messengers section. Now that the Twitter symbol is in your sidebar you will be able to log into your Twitter account. You’ll then be able to use Twitter right from your browser.

You can integrate all of your social media accounts into your browser

Opera has demonstrated once more that it is the best social media browser with today’s integration of Twitter. Previous releases have included embedded support on Instagram, Telegrams, Facebook Messengers, WhatsApp, WhatsApp, and VKontakte. You can always access the social media platform of your choice by choosing it directly from your sidebar.

Survey Results on Twitter

Opera’s Twitter Survey (conducted by Pollfish) collected responses from over 1,000 American Internet users about their use of Twitter and their interests. Most respondents wanted to know about breaking news (44%) or to follow news on a general basis (49%), as well as to have fun and find out what other people are saying while viewing TV, live sports, and events (26%).

According to popular hashtags, 53% of respondents knew #Staysafe, then #HumpDay (51%), #36%, #TBT (36%), #FoodieFriday (35%), or #MondayMotivation (31%)

The new weather widget

Opera’s new version includes an weather widget to the startpage. Opera’s home town of Oslo is the first to be welcomed by it. Once you have set it up, you will receive weather information wherever you are.

Tab cycler for visual improvement

Do you remember our visual tab cycler, Ctrl+Tab? Now, we have made it more visible by making tabs larger and the tiles bigger.

Workspaces improvements

It would be impossible to remain true to ourselves if our new features weren’t improved. Working Spaces allows you group tabs based on the context they’re used in.

Opera69 has added an option to your context menu to allow you to open a hyperlink in any of your Workspaces. You will receive a notification dots on your Workspace where you’ve moved the webpage to, once you’ve opened a link in another Workspace.

MacOS users will see a list in the Window menu of Workspaces.

For now, that’s all. We are glad you enjoyed our new release. Feel free to Tweet your thoughts.

Enjoy your browsing experience!

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