Opera Browser has a built-in VPN to protect your browsing privacy

The Monument Browser app was reviewed a few weeks ago. It is an excellent web browser and privacy lover’s dream. Today’s post will discuss how Opera Browser’s VPN features can be used to protect your privacy browsing and allow unlimited VPN on Android.

Opera is known as the mobile browser that was best before Android. Google Chrome brought Opera to all of our screens. Opera’s Android browser doesn’t seem to be any less amazing. It offers more features to Opera than Google Chrome. Opera Browser on desktop is also a browser equipped with a VPN. It is now available on Android.

Internet penetration across the globe has increased rapidly. The internet has become a more popular medium for criminal activity. A VPN service can be one of your best options to keep your data private and prevent any online dangers. VPNs can be used for many other reasons. VPN services allow you to circumvent restrictions imposed by government agencies or service providers. VPN services are able to boost internet speeds, but some also offer encryption which protects you more effectively.

Opera Max no longer offers their VPN Service as a free service. Opera browser users can continue to use it. Opera Browser has come to Android as an Android beta version.

Install Opera Browser Beta

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.browser.beta”]

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Opera has several different versions for its Android browser just as Google Chrome. Oper Browser beta hosts the latest features and will not be released until Opera Browser is fully functional. This means that you will experience more crashes and bugs. Opera Browser Beta has almost the same stability as the stable version.

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VPN is enabled for Opera in order to protect browsing privacy

Launch the Opera browser once installed. Click on Settings to open the menu. Toggle for Ad blocking is found in the Settings section. It’s located next to VPN. You can enable VPN by turning on this toggle. VPN currently works on only private tabs. You will have to go in private, or incognito mode to be able to access the VPN. You can alter this behavior by taping VPN. The toggle is not available.

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Click VPN and uncheck the box beside Use private tabs only. There are several options available that you might like to configure. It is determined which server is most efficient at the moment. To select your desired location, tap on virtual location. There are three options available: Optimal America Asia, Europe. The best option for you is to pick a place that’s closest to you. It is possible to travel faster if you live in Asia.

Also, below that toggle the Bypass SSL VPN to search. Search engines can access your exact location to provide more relevant results. Opera Browser Beta allows you to now use the free VPN built into the browser.

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