Opera browser is now blockchain friendly, allowing users to buy Bitcoin with debit cards or Apple Pay

Opera, the browser which introduced the crypto-wallet in its first version, created a way for users to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin with their debit cards in the United States or in Scandinavian countries.

Charles Hamel of Opera crypto, stated that Opera is the most Blockchain-friendly web browser.

In the past, getting cryptocurrencies used to be a complicated process. This could take hours, or even days. It is really a gamechanger, he stated.

Opera is a Chromium-based browser, with a Blink Engine and applications.

Popularity has risen overnight for newer browsers that have unique selling points. The privacy-centric Brave is one such example. The browser is also procrypto. Opera intends to bring the crypto function in other countries.


Charles Hamel of Opera crypto, stated that Opera is the most Blockchain-friendly web browser.

The market for crypto has been volatile because of recent turmoil. Opera, however, will offer ease in trading which is good news even for Indian investors.

The Supreme Court of India in March upheld the ban placed by central banks on cryptocurrency trading for two years. It was an action that was widely acclaimed by Blockchain experts and investors.

We are saving the planet by supporting 15 clean tech start-ups that address climate change





Climate Change — Call for Action

Tech for energy storage, clean cooking and energy monitoring are some of the 15 winning start ups that were felicitated last week by the Government of India (BIRAC), Tata Trusts and TATA Power at a ceremony and showcase of innovation of the Social Alpha Energy Challenge 2. From more than 150 applicants, the winners were chosen for their innovative technology, business model, focus on accessibility and affordability as well as social and economic impacts.

Social Alpha Energy Challenge 2.0’s winners were chosen from two groups: a ‘pre pilot’ category and a ‘post pilot’. This was done to respond to the different needs of technology and start-ups at different phases of product development. In their pre-pilot stage, the winners of this category will receive mentoring and support as well as handholding in product development. They also get help in testing and physical prototyping. These start-ups have reached the proof of principle stage, have demonstrated working prototypes and are eligible for support during the go-to–market process.

Clean Energy International Incubation Centre, (CEIIC) will host the winners. CEIIC (Social Alpha’s deep technology Energy Innovation Lab) is a joint effort of Tata Trusts with the Government of India. This initiative was supported by Department of Biotechnology. Tata Power Distribution Limited and Tata Power-Delhi Distribution Limited. CEIIC provides critical field and industry connections that are essential for entrepreneurs to support product development.

Grassroots Energy

We have developed a low cost energy-efficient technology to purify, compress and store biogas at a profit. This technology will enable different markets that are currently dependent on fossil fuels, to convert to low-cost bioCNG with no performance loss.

Elicius Energy

This fuel cell technology stores energy in fuel cells. It offers cleaner power as well as increased power density.

Temperate Technologies

A new, proprietary technology for energy efficient air conditioning and cold storage has been developed. This allows up to 50% energy savings.

Offgrid Energy Labs

ZincGel(r), which is a zinc-based battery, was developed to outperform lead acid batteries. It can also significantly decrease the amount of batteries.

Global markets are in tailspin because of the coronavirus. Investors who want to hedge their bets with cryptocurrencies should rejoice. The Opera browser released an updated that allows users to easily purchase digital tokens. This update is available for those in the United States, Scandinavia, and other countries. They can also use their debit card or Apple Pay Charles Hamel from Opera crypto, stated that the update would make the browser the most compatible with blockchain technology. “Obtaining cryptocurrencies used to be a complicated process. This could have taken hours, or even days. He said that compared to this seamless solution which takes only 30 seconds it truly is a gamechanger. As part of their strategy to sell the feature, Operaa’s decision to enable cryptocurrency trade can be understood as part. The privacy-centric Brave is a prime example. The browser is also procrypto. Opera also plans to bring the crypto function in other countries. This decision was welcomed by crypto-investors and Blockchain enthusiasts.