Opera browser now has Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music support

Opera Software announced today that a new version was released of their Opera desktop web browser. Opera 72.0 is all about music. Or, more specifically, the integration of some of most well-known music services directly into the browser.

Opera users can now control the music player directly via their sidebar. Opera Software thinks that this makes Opera more intuitive than using separate applications or tabs.

Opera’s new sidebar implementation is used for the integration. Opera Software this year added Instagram and Twitter access to the sidebar. It is a complement to WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger.

It works the same way, except that it is now grouped under a single icon. You can click the icon to display all supported services (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music) and click on a particular service in order to open its website.

You can sign-in, create an account, or log in with a different account. Then you can start to use the services from the sidebar. While music can be controlled via the sidebar (if it is supported), there are options for using media keys.

Opera Software designed this player for other web activities. When a user is playing a video, or any audio in an open browser tab, the sidebar music will be paused and resume automatically once the stream has finished.

The user can have complete control of music playback. You can hover the mouse over the music player icon at the sidebar for information and control of any song playing.

Controls allow for pause/resume as well as the ability to move on or return to the last song. For these buttons, you don’t have to launch the whole player interface. They appear as hover.

Opera users will be able to log-in and access multiple support services by using the new player functionality. This is the easiest way to change to another service. The down-arrow icon is located next to the currently displayed icon. The click will show all services supported and allow you to switch to the next.

Opera users are allowed to disable any sidebar icons that they don’t need. For integration of other services, sidebar extensions can be used.

You can visit the official blog post . There are links to Linux and Mac OS X as well.

Closing Words

Sidebar player can be useful for those who like to enjoy music with their computer. Users who have been using media keys will not see the same benefits, while those who used tabs in their browser will.

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Opera browser supports Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music


Opera Software announced today that a new version was released of the Opera desktop browser. Opera 72.0 is all about music. It integrates many of the world’s most famous music services into the browser.


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