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Opera’s browser comes with a built in service to provide a near invisible, VPN network. The Opera web browser’s built-in service is free and doesn’t even require an account. Furthermore, the unlimited data it provides makes it very good for streaming Netflix content from abroad.

In our latest tests it performed far below similar results in tests done on the same VPN-like service just a little over a year ago.

Opera browser VPN can be unlimited, and it’s completely free. But we don’t recommend that you use it for streaming video. The network performance of Opera browser VPN is terrible. ProtonVPN has a deliberately slow service, however it offers an unlimited free service that is quicker. Windscribe, which is considered one of the fastest free VPN services, offers an even faster service but has a data cap of 10GB per month.

All the truth about no-fee VPN Services

The majority of these services are not free and can borrow your bandwidth. Opera does all of the above, and more is detailed in their privacy statements.

You should use the most reliable VPN plans as samples. Opera’s browser VPN limits your data usage, and it slows down network speeds. However, Opera’s VPN is not a VPN. This can be explained below.

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The built-in VPN-like solution doesn’t provide any protection beyond Opera browser data. Therefore, this is not a viable option for home VPN. A fast, unlimited, and affordable paid service is recommended, like Private Internet Access (or Winscribe).

What Do You Get For Free

Opera VPN is technically considered a secure proxy. It protects Opera browser traffic, and redirects it via SurfEasy’s Canadian VPN provider. Opera does not support other web browsers nor stand-alone email client. An authentic VPN would secure all internet data from and to a device no matter which application it is.

Opera’s browser VPN services were originally only for desktops or laptops. In March 2019, Opera Browser for Android offered the same secure-proxy capabilities. Following the acquisition of SurfEasy by anti-virus giant Symantec in April 2018, Opera VPN’s mobile apps, which used real VPN servers, were removed from all devices. Opera’s Norwegian-based company is now focused on advertising.

Opera can be used to secure your internet connection. Open the Opera browser and click the Opera logo. Within a matter of seconds, the VPN logo will be changed to blue.

Opera VPN offers only three options for server location selections. 2017: You had the option to choose from servers in Canada Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, Singapore, or the United States. But speeds were significantly faster.

Online Streaming

When we were connected to Europe, BBC iPlayer was available. However, streaming video was stopped for us. OperaVPN worked better for us when we attempted to access Netflix. Both to Americas and Europe, we could stream video without any issues.

All three virtual locations can be viewed “Star Trek: Discovery”, which is only available to CBS All Access USA, but it’s also available via Netflix around the globe. Netflix doesn’t have rights to Doctor Who, so it could be viewed from only a few countries.

The exact country that we were linked to was not clear. Google Search believed we were located in Ukraine. But an IP address locater placed “Europeā€¯ (Sweden), “Asia”, and “Americas” (Virginia) instead. It doesn’t answer the question of how we managed to stream Star Trek: Discovery or Doctor Who.

OperaVPN was able to connect Netflix faster than most paid VPN providers, despite being vague about its location. Netflix actively seeks out and blocks VPN service providers and proxy services. The ability to stream Netflix varies from one provider to another, depending on the country and time of day. It was incredible that we were always able connect, though results could vary from day to day.

Be aware: Any VPN service or proxy that streams content to your location is against all terms of service. This could lead to your account being terminated. At your own risk.


Nine VPN service providers were free to us — Avira Phantom VPN. Hide.me. Hotspot Shield. Speedify. SurfEasy. TunnelBear. Windscribe.

Ookla Speedtest performed three tests on each service. Each test measured the network latency (i.e. delay) and service connection speeds. Each parameter can have a different network speed so we measured baselines before testing each service. We then compared the average results to those baselines.

Opera browser VPN performance testing showed good results. We were able to connect in just 4.3 seconds. That is very fast when compared to other free VPNs. Opera VPN was good for streaming video and music. Ping times were acceptable at 2.5x pre-VPN speeds.

Opera browser VPN however, only 5.99 megabits per second (Mbps) was the average download speed. This is a drop of 97 percent from pre-VPN tests. It was capable of uploading data at an average speed of 2.8 Mbps. This is down 92% from the baseline.

This was our worst test of nine paid services. Also, this was a sharp drop from previous Opera browser VPN test results in 2017, which showed that the average download speed for the Opera VPN service was just 14% lower than its baseline. This VPN also outperformed all the paid VPNs.

Opera’s results were confirmed by running them again several times from Midtown Manhattan offices to verify that they weren’t an error. They were worse than before. The average download speed was 3.27Mbps, 97% less than the baseline. And the average upload speed was 1.61Mbps. These speeds are more than 99.9% below the baseline.

The Benefits of a VPN to Increase Security and Privacy

ProtonVPN is an unlimited-free service. It was deliberately slower to prevent freeloaders. In the first tests ProtonVPN download speed dropped by 73 percent while Opera uploads slowdowns of 37 percent.

Opera was almost 10 times faster than ProtonVPN in raw numbers. Even though their background ISP speeds were similar for Opera’s test, ProtonVPN bit rates were more than 10 times as high.


Opera VPN’s straightforward operation and no-nonsense approach are great. But we cannot recommend it as a regular VPN service. ProtonVPN is more reliable and offers unlimited VPN protection. OperaVPN we can recommend if your only goal is to stream Netflix internationally and you don’t have any restrictions on where the Netflix comes from. Windscribe, which is an extremely fast service, can be used.


Client platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Protocols: HTTPS/TLS

Servers/Countries 2/3

Restrictions Opera desktop browser

Credit: Tom’s Guide

Here are today’s top Opera Browser VPN deals


Opera VPN