Opera GX Browser update introduces network limiter

Opera Software launched its Opera GX browser June 2019, after having published a teaser one month prior. This web browser is specifically for gamers. The three main features of the original version were design, news about gaming and limits on the CPU and RAM.

Opera GX’s design was unique among desktop browsers. Its color scheme, sound use, and layout were reminiscent of modern computer games. It is the same browser core as the Opera desktop browser. The browser’s base is Chromium, just like Opera and Chrome.

Opera Software recently announced that Opera GX’s web browser was downloaded over one million times. Opera GX’s latest release, which was released September 12, 2019, adds many new features.

Opera GX Update: Network Limiter and More

Opera GX now has a new feature: the integrated network limiter. This complements the CPU and RAM limiters that were part of Opera GX since its launch.

This feature is default disabled, but you can disable it by clicking from the GX Control Panel. To set the threshold, toggle Network Limiter.

Presets vary from 64 KB/s up to 25 MB/s. The default limit is 1 Mb/s. There are no options to create a limit that is unique.

Opera Software has a number of scenarios in which the network limiter might be useful, including limiting downloading to ensure that Internet games run smoothly, limiting streaming while you play games, and limiting uploads when the internet is slow.

This limit is applicable to all browsers. It also means that Internet services you use outside the browser’s browser will benefit from the setting of these limits.

Gaming Corner offers news and information about popular and upcoming games. The new version includes a release calendar that lists upcoming games.

Opera GX can customize their selections by clicking the preferences icon. They will be able to select the sections and platforms they’re interested in. To see the latest releases or deals, you can limit your display to Linux and PC games.

Opera GX has supported Twitch streaming services since its inception. Twitch customers can sign in to their Twitch accounts from the browser. This allows them to quickly manage channels, and tune-in to specific channels.

You can hover over any channel and display the current cover for the game being streamed. A filter list of subscribed channels is available to help you find channels faster. You can also change layout or hover style and enable sound search.

Closing words

Opera GX, a niche browser with a heavy focus on design and gaming, is Opera GX. Although it’s almost certain that Opera GX will not reach the same audience as the main Opera browser, there is no doubt that this browser has the potential for being a niche browser that gamers and streamers can use.

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Opera GX Browser update introduces network limiter


Opera Software has released Opera GX, an updated gaming-focused web browser that includes a release calendar and a network limiter.


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