Opera GX Review -Best Browser For Gamers?

Opera GX Review -Best Browser For Gamers?

All browsers on the current market are one type. Comparing them could prove difficult as each web browser offers a unique set of features.

This post will briefly describe or review the unique features of Opera GX, which is a lesser-known and more widely used browser. Opera GX. The Opera GX.

Opera Gx Review


Opera GX is the first game browser

Opera’s latest release, i.e. Opera GX is the browser of choice for gamers. It is clearly based upon chromium.

Now you are aware that this browser is capable of offering a great deal to gamers who enjoy playing online games for hours. Many features are included in this browser that will enhance your online gaming experience.

Opera GX may not be the best web browser when you’re browsing regularly, because it’s gaming-centric.

I also reviewed a couple of other features while using Opera GX.


Opera GX Browser’s interface reveals that this browser is aggressive and good for gamers.

With dark and sharp animations you will be always noticing the highlighted animation which gets quite annoying at sometimes but if you are a gamer, there are chances that you will like it.

The browser will open and display the homepage first. There is a GX corner at the top, as well as a GX control shortcut. You can also customize your browser to suit your needs.

This browser is not recommended for regular users. Alternativly, you could switch to Brave Web Browser. But you should take a look at the Opera GX Review because some of its features will absolutely blow your mind.


Opera GX is unique in that it has this feature. It is gaming-centric, so the homepage of Opera GX is different.

The GX corner is basically the homepage. It contains all of the game information, such as the trending games and special discount codes.

On the same screen, at the top, you can also see that there are options for different devices i.e. Windows, Xbox, MAC, Play Station, and Nintendo Switch. You can basically have information about the games on the respective platforms.

You will see a second row on the homepage that provides information about gaming. This is similar to daily news. Here you can access all news and stories related to the game industry.

Overall, the GX corner is useful for the gamers but if you are a regular user then you can easily get annoyed with all these extra features. But, Opera has also added the feature where the user can disable all the rows and keep the home page empty if wanted. You can modify the GX corner in the gear at the GX corner’s right top.

GX control

It is an exclusive feature found in opera gx that is not available in any other browsers currently on the market.

The browser can be controlled manually using this tool. This feature is great for those with low-end computers.

CPU limiter

This function will let you adjust your browser’s CPU usage while the browser is open in your system.

There are several options to adjust the CPU limiter (few computers with lower specifications can set it at 50% or 100%), to 25%, 50% and 75%. The browser will also limit your processing power so you can do all of your work without difficulty.

RAM limitation

We know that this browser uses Chromium, which essentially consumes a large amount of RAM on the computer to provide a better user experience.

But, unlike other browsers, GX control also features a RAM limiter where you can easily set the amount of RAM you are allocating to the browser while gaming or streaming because there are times when your system will need RAM.

Let’s say you have 3GB of RAM. You can then adjust the limiter to 1, 1.25 and 1.50 gradually until 3GB. Later, Opera GX should be using RAM below the limit.

Internet limiter

Similar to all limiters, you can adjust bandwidth as well as control upload and download speeds of connected networks within the browser.

There are times when you might work on other applications in your system while downloading games or uploading videos from the Opera GX and at this time you can set the limit of your internet consumption in the browser and further work smoothly in the background.

You will love it as a gamer because you have access to all the extra features. This feature is also available to regular users, which I believe it can be useful for.


Opera GX, just like other browsers, offers many options to customize the user’s experience. To access the “easy setup” feature, click the icon located at the top-right corner of the homepage and choose the theme colour.

You can also add some of the more shortcuts as per your need at the left side of the home page. The home page also contains settings shortcut, history and other shortcuts for the user’s convenience.

The settings and customizations are easy to use if you have the regular Opera browser.

A user will enjoy the interface, with the possibility to add and remove extra features, shortcuts or customize colors. However, gamers might prefer the default interface or modify the color.

Multi functional — When using a standard browser, it’s hard to imagine multi-functioning with the browsers as watching video and scrolling down your newsfeed. Opera GX can provide these types of capabilities.


Opera GX allows the user to view videos from YouTube or Twitch while they browse the web.

You can simply open another video tab and move your mouse over the top of video player until you see an icon appear.

This way you can easily drag the video from the tab and easily browse or work on other tabs while listening or watching the videos in the small screen, you can also resize it or just close it within a click at the top right corner of the video player.

Messenger applications within the browser

Due to the high offerings, this particular feature may consume lots of Ram.

While you browse or watch videos in the browser, you basically can’t text in any of your social media handles but with Opera GX browser it is possible.

Select the option with three dots in the top left and choose the correct social media account to log in. After you select it, you will need to pin that messenger so you can chat easily while browsing or working.

This feature is unique to the browser and something you don’t see in regular browsers. Once you get used to it, this will become a favorite feature.

Battery saver

This feature is not available in regular browsers.

Simply put, you can turn off the battery saving feature from the advanced options option under the settings icon. The browser stops unwanted functionality and disables animations, so the user can surf longer.

This feature is most important for laptop users.


Just like any other browser Opera GX also features extensions for its users but it’s not similar to that of the chrome extensions. Rather the browser has its own Opera extension stores which will generate a problem for users who are planning to upgrade from Chrome to Opera GX.

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Brave Browser, however, is the most popular browser. It supports all extensions from the chrome webstore and allows you to make changes to your browser.

Blocker blocker and Ad blocker

So, what basically is a tracker blocker? We all know how precious our identity is and you will certainly not want any hacker or website to track you while you browse in a browser.

The tracker blocker encrypts every analytic, tracking pixels and other essential data that can be used to identify you.

While Adblocker may be a standard feature for browsers, it is not always available in all browsers. Opera isn’t one of those browsers. Strong Adblockers will block any unwanted or irritating ads on your website.

Both privacy and security can be enabled in your settings.

However, there is one feature worth mentioning: Giving back to the publishers, and getting rewards. This is the most rare feature in the Bravebrowser. It allows the user to earn rewards by enabling specific Ad types. Publishers will receive 15%, while the user will get the remainder.

Crypto wallet

It is the first browser that has the cryptocurrency concept built in.

If you are a cryptocurrency dealer then you will surely like it because once you login to your crypto account on the Opera GX, within clicks you can make transactions and receive cryptocurrency from all over the world.

Click the icon in the top right corner to enable crypto. You can view your cryptocurrency wallet from the browser after you enable it.

Twitch Integration

If you’re not sure what Twitch is, it’s a gaming platform that allows viewers to stream live video. This is where you can play games online and give gifts to the players.

It’s the most popular game streamer in the entire world.

If you are one of the twitch fans then this feature is for you because an inbuilt twitch extension ion the Opera GX browser notifies the user when their favourite gamer is live and gives instant information about all the twitch stories and posts.


Users can customize and modify their screenshots from within the browser. It’s easy to use this feature because you only need one click next to the search bar and can instantly take a picture and then edit it in your browser without ever opening another window.

Well, you can also use the windows default screenshot commands to take a screenshot.


Opera accounts that you already have will work well if you plan on upgrading your current browser to Opera GX.

Basically, all the bookmarks, history, saved items, passwords, and every single thing you can sync it with the new Opera GX browser. This way you upgraded and lost no data that was precious to you.

Builtin VPN

VPN, a virtual private network (virtual private networks), isn’t a new feature. It is now a requirement for users. And what could be better than an already installed VPN. It will not be necessary to install another VPN daily.

AT times when you need to visit certain websites which are blocked by the government of your country, this feature will help you get through with the blockage.

Pros & Cons

Pros and ConsLots features for gamesNot the bestBatter saver modeMost customization popup mode

The Opera gx browser doesn’t offer

  • Script Blocker

  • Cookie blocker

  • Multiple account

These features increase browsing security and allow users to set up multiple accounts. They also offer the ability to customize browsing habits and create additional accounts.

brave browser may be able to provide the features that you are looking for.

Opera GX Review FAQs-

Opera GX Browser:

Opera GX has been specifically developed for gamers and includes advanced features, such as CPU limiter or RAM limiter.

The best gaming browser?

Opera GX can be the most useful gaming browser. It offers plenty of options and game news.


The Opera GX Review has all the information you need to make a decision about Opera GX. It is an entertainment-focused browser and has many great features. But, you will also find some issues with the security aspect.

If you use the web for work and browsing, Brave Browser may be your best option. Opera GX however is a great choice for gamers looking for a browser that can play games.

You can share this opera review with your friends. Also, if there are any queries or questions about the opera review let me know by commenting.

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