Opera is the first Android browser that can be optimized for Chromebooks by Dave’s News


Three years ago, my primary computer was a Google Pixel Slate. This is also the platform that I use to write for ZDNet. My time spent browsing the default Chrome browser is the only way I use Android apps.

Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Opera and other browsers are available for those who wish to experiment with different web browsers. Opera recently launched an upgraded version its Android app. The updated version is claimed to have the best browser optimization for Chromebooks. Opera can’t be changed from Chrome to Opera, so it isn’t an entirely replacement for Chrome.

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Due to the imminent need for more computers for remote education, remote working, communication between families and friends and for emergency work situations, 30 million Chromebooks have been sold worldwide in 2020. In 2021, experts estimate that there may be 40 million more Chromebooks. Opera Chromebook optimised version offers unique features such as the following:

  • Messenger option: All of your WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram or Instagram accounts will appear under one Messenger tab.
  • Flow – Chat with your self by saving links, taking notes and storing photos in a manner that mirrors the My Flow experience from the Opera browser to your smartphone.
  • Integrated VPN. Secure browsing using a single VPN service. VPN is compatible with private browsing sessions.
  • Block ads – Stop irritating advertisements from appearing while browsing the Internet.
  • Your cryptocurrency account management through an Opera quick launch icon
  • Nightmode Helps protect your eyes at night when browsing Netflix and binging on it with night mode. Blue light in this mode is decreased.
  • Color theme: You can switch between five different color themes. They are available in dark and light modes.

The browser worked great on my Pixel Slate. Integrated messaging functionality is great as I use it to switch between Telegram (Insta), Facebook Messenger, and Telegram throughout the day. A future update should include the Google Messages option.

Also I have been using the Google Pixel Slate for one year. It is my favorite tablet and computer to do work

It seems that the Opera browser on the Pixel Slate has terrible formatting. The browser may not be suited for those with 3000×2000 resolution devices. You can’t toggle between desktop or mobile browsers because most webpage content will be small on the large display. While you can zoom in and click, it is difficult to scroll right or left. The page won’t reflow so you have to spend some time looking at the content. Chrome allows you to view the exact same pages in Chrome. You can let me know what I’m missing to optimize website formatting.

Opera is free to Chromebook owners. Kevin Tofel offers hands-on experience with Opera. Tofel is a Chromebook expert who has great insights on the new browser.

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