Opera launches Opera Touch, and Opera challenges Safari for iPhone

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Did you also know that Safari remains the default browser in iOS for 95 percent of US iOS users? It is our belief that Safari currently does the worst job at being the default web browser. Opera Touch should challenge Safari.

Every iPhone user should give it a shot – you might find it better than the current one!

Opera Touch is designed to look and feel like the iPhone’s new iPhone. This “allegiance”, as it were, to the default browser has been challenged and we’ve made some videos just for fun. Take a look at them:

But… what is Opera Touch anyway? This browser combines the best of both high-end tech and beautiful aesthetics. It was created for iPhone users who desire something different from their default browser.

Opera Touch has been released in time for Apple’s iPhone XS Max/XR. Our browser, Opera Touch, is perfect to help these new phones shine. Modern smartphones feature large and beautiful displays. Conventional browsers, however, are still not able to take advantage of this new technology. The product we offer is for iPhone owners who are looking to get the most out of their iPhones.

Opera Touch with its unique UI Opera has challenged the status quo

StatCounter’s data suggests that just five of 100 iOS users currently use Safari to access their browser.

The dominance of a browser in a market is something we’ve seen before. This slows down web browsers’ progress. It is exactly why we are proposing something new. We have designed a browser to give iPhone users a more enjoyable web experience.

The award-winning system is easy to use with just one hand

Opera Touch Android received the Red Dot Communication Design Award 2018 in recognition of its user interface. This solves some common finger-gymnastics that smartphone users are currently experiencing.

Display size for the iPhone XS Max Max is nearly twice that of the iPhone XS Max, the first iPhone to debut in 2007. These changes require major improvements to the design of browsers. Opera Touch has made surfing the web easier on the go with Opera Touch. This makes it especially convenient if you are using a phone with large displays.

Opera Touch runs fast, is lightweight and looks beautiful.

It wouldn’t make us any more human if the browser we’ve just launched didn’t include all of its features. You will see we added many new features since Android’s launch and have continued working on the product.

Use the browser to immediately search

Most people are looking to locate something quickly online, so they can get on with their day. Opera now makes it much easier for users to search online quickly and efficiently.

Opera Touch starts automatically in search mode. Opera Touch instantly finds what you need. The address bar cursor blinks and the keyboard is raised.

Conveniently, the core elements for the UI can be found at the bottom screen. This makes it easy to locate them.

The browser’s main function is available through the Fast Action Button, located at the bottom center of the screen. It includes search access and your recent tabs.

Flow links your devices. And did we mention, it’s encrypted!

Opera’s unique way of allowing users share videos and images with each other is Flow. Opera Touch as well the Opera browser can both offer this feature. It’s easy! There are no logins required. All you have to do is scan the QR code shown on Opera Touch screen.

The Flow app instantly adds an item to the device’s Flow, which can include scans of medical records or websites with the best restaurants. Flow operates independently of manufacturers and operating systems, as it’s encrypted from the beginning.

You can connect Opera on your desktop for seamless browsing

Opera Touch can display all the tabs that you open in Opera Desktop once your Flow is established.

Opera Touch can adapt to your browsing pattern

It will automatically adapt to your preferences. All of your favorites sites will be automatically added to your browser’s homepage.

Opera Touch includes built-in encryption protection and an ad blocker

Opera Touch comes with a cryptojacking prevention and an ad-blocker. Opera Touch is designed to protect you from interruptions and keep your browser safe. You can run a cryptojacking test on your browser .

Opera Touch iPhone 1.0 is available now.

Opera Touch vs Safari: How is it different? See for yourself.

Opera Touch is challenging Safari

Here’s a visual representation of the key features between Opera Touch (and Safari) to show you our point.

You’ll notice that Opera Touch has a modern home screen. It adapts automatically to your browsing patterns and shows your most favorite sites. Additionally, it displays the last tabs in your browser.

Opera Touch (pictured at the center) has a Fast Action Button that allows you instant access to your most recently visited websites. It makes it extremely easy to multitask, switch between pages and is very user-friendly. This is different from a normal tab view which lists tabs according to the date that they were created.

The device to the right displays Flow, Opera’s stream of things that you can save for later. You can also share it across multiple devices. Flow is a multifunctional solution. You can save images, links and videos.

Download Opera Touch right now

This is it. Opera Touch allows you to surf with Opera Touch.

Opera Touch iOS is available for download from the App store, starting Oct. 1. Android versions can be downloaded via the Google Play store.

About Opera

Opera is a browser and AI-driven content delivery platform that was launched in Norway in 1995. It has been used by 322,000,000 people all over the world. Opera’s ticker symbol is OPRA.

Opera Touch is now available!