Opera makes major changes to the Android version of its Blockchain Browser

  • The Web’s First Web 3 Ready Browser offers seamless support for decentralized Web through IPFS support
  • Opera provides 30-second access to crypto wallet top ups across the EU, Australia New Zealand, Mexico, and Switzerland.
  • Opera users will now be able to sign up for.crypto addresses and domain names

Oslo, March 30th 2020 – Opera (NASDAQ OPRA) is the original browser to include Web 3 capabilities. It also has a builtin crypto wallet. The Norwegian firm is currently adding features that elevate blockchain-browsing to an entirely new level. Opera currently boasts 360 million global users.

Opera Android’s users have an opportunity to see the future. Opera introduced seamless crypto wallet topups to Scandinavia, the US and Mexico. Now Opera plans to expand them to all of Europe as well to Australia, New Zealand Mexico, Switzerland and Mexico.

IPFS protocol supports Opera, which allows users to gain access to the cloudless, decentralized future web. By registering addresses for.crypto wallets, they can easily send and retrieve cryptocurrencies in much the same manner as.com and.org domains.

Removal of obstacles to mainstream crypto adoption

Opera announced this as a new step in their strategy to overcome the challenges associated with using blockchain technologies. Opera for Android (the first blockchain browser) was introduced by Opera in December 2018 with an integrated crypto wallet. Opera for Android added both a built-in cryptocurrency wallet to their desktop browser and Opera Touch, its iOS browser. The company later offered easy cryptocurrency-purchases in Scandinavian and American and plans to expand them into more countries.

To make this possible, Opera is partnering with Wyre, a US cryptocurrency-brokerage firm, to enable easy crypto-purchases directly from the browser’s crypto wallet. For Opera Android, users from most countries are now able to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). This can be done using a Visa or Mastercard debit card.

Charles Hamel is the Head of Crypto for Opera browsers. He said that the new updates will support Opera’s longterm vision of making Blockchain technology relevant. Expanding this feature to more regions is key to driving blockchain-adoption.”

One click to go from zero to cryptocurrency in just 30 seconds

Wyre’s Apple solution is available in Opera Touch iOS. Opera for Android lets you use Revolut cards right in your browser.

Charles Hamel added, “We are thrilled to grow our collaboration and provide a best-in class cryptobuy experience to even further countries.”

Opera now supports seamless Crypto Top Ups inside the Browser in Australia and other countries such as the Czech Republic of Denmark, Estonian Finland, France Germany, Greece Hong Kong, Ireland Latvia, Lithuania Luxembourg, Mexico the Netherlands, Norway, Poland Portugal, Slovakia Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

Easy sending and receiving via a personal.crypto adres

Opera has partnered up with Unstoppable Domains (a blockchain naming platform built on Ethereum) for true crypto-geeks.

While blockchain domains are identical to.com/.org domains and are not stored on any decentralized public blockchain (Ethereum), they do have the advantage of being stored on a distributed ledger. Registering for a.com/.org domain allows individuals to connect to web addresses directly without typing long IP addresses. A wallet address (or.crypto) works much in the same manner, providing the experience of a blockchain. In practical terms, it means that having a.crypto address can help simplify your wallet address. An alternative to sending a large number of numbers is operafan.crypto. It makes it simpler to send and receive cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Decentralized Cloudless Storage

Web 3 goes beyond enabling value transfer or dApps on the Web. Web 3 also requires a rethinking of how data is accessed online. IPFS is one important Web 3 protocol that allows this to be possible.

IPFS, a protocol that lets you store web data without the need to use a particular cloud service or server, is an option. How does IPFS work? Instead of asking the server for the location of a file, the browser will ask it using the cryptographic haveh that is unique to each file. IPFS takes over the delivery of the file from the server. Each network node keeps only what it is interested and index information. This helps to identify which node holds which file.

If you want to search for files that can be viewed or downloaded, ask the network to identify the nodes that store the file’s content. You don’t have to memorize the hash, as each file can be searched by human-readable names via a decentralized naming scheme like Unstoppable Domains, or the Ethereum Nam System (ENS).

The result is that websites and files can be stored securely in decentralized fashion and are accessible by anyone without needing to access a single server. A cloudless version of BitTorrent storage, this method allows for file sharing and website hosting. Opera for Android has integrated the IPFS experience directly from Protocol Labs.

Charles Hamel explained that browsers play an important role in Web 3. He believes that the integration of these protocols into our web browser will increase their adoption.

The web browser of choice for millions

Opera Browser for Android is a leader in browser competition and the preferred choice of millions of users worldwide, who prefer Opera to the simpler default browsers. Over the course of the first half 2019, it saw an increase of forty percent in its global monthly active user base. Google Play users have given the Opera browser Android an average of 4.6 star ratings and more than three millions reviews.

AppAnnie recently revealed that Opera Browser for Android, which is available in Germany and other countries, was ranked number one in the Social and Communications Apps category.

Download Opera on Android via Google Play

About Opera

Opera is a browser and AI-driven content delivery solution provider to around 360 million worldwide users. It was started in Norway in 1995. It launched the first Blockchain-Ready Browser on December 13th. Opera’s ticker symbol is OPRA.

Opera for Android is now available to download via Google Play.