Opera Neon Web Explorer 2018 is Free to Download

Opera Software’s Opera Neon web browser is now available on Windows and Mac. Opera Neon’s internet browser is easy to use and runs smoothly. Opera Neon’s concept browser aims to provide simple, user-friendly browsing.

Opera Neon Windows is the best web browser for you if you are looking to test it. You can download Opera Neon for Windows PC by clicking the link below.

Opera Neon does not update but it is still a concept web browser. Opera Neon is actually a Chromium web browser that provides all the browser functionality such as Safari, Chrome. Choose the right browser for your computer based on your preference.

It is easy to navigate the browser UI by hovering your cursor over tabs. Although the setup is easy, the presentation in the beginning looks appealing. Opera Nenon browser is an interesting alternative to older browsers that have outmoded layouts.

Opera Neon Web Browser No Cost Version

  • Opera Neon makes the web more accessible and has a contemporary look.
  • It has colorful visual tabs that allow you to start browsing. Use images taken from websites to find your web pages quickly. Speedial keeps all the tabs you have used in order to speed up your browsing.
  • Snap-to Gallery is located at the top of the sidebar. This allows you to crop, capture, save and share images directly from the Internet. These images can be saved to the gallery with their web address.
  • Opera Neon’s speed dial features allow you to quickly navigate through the web.
  • Opera Nenon has a split screen mode that allows you to view one webpage at a given time. By dragging the tabs on the right or left panels, you can navigate to two pages at the same time.
  • Splitscreen mode allows you to chat with your Facebook friends, view an article, or watch a YouTube video simultaneously.
  • Based on user selection, the video pop-out and player can be placed wherever the browser will allow.
  • Opera includes an integrated adblocker as well as a reader-view option. Also, extensions can be added to your web browser.

Opera Neon Web Web Browser Recommendations:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/later and Mac
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4/ AMD Athlon64 processor or newer with support for SSE2
  • Requirements for minimum h/w/s/w

Opera Neon’s latest browser will improve your browsing experience. Download Opera Neon Web Browser Windows from the link below.