Opera PC Browser to get a built-in cryptocurrency wallet

Opera is the popular web browser that has been used over 320,000,000 times. Now, Opera will bring its mobile cryptocurrency wallet to your PC .

A cryptocurrency wallet must take into account several factors. Security and accessibility are two of the most important considerations for a cryptocurrency wallet. Opera, the pioneering web browser, made these two features a priority when it launched Opera for Android, which is a cryptocurrency wallet that can be used on Android smartphones. The wallet will now be available in their -based browser.

Opera Wants Cryptocurrency to Be Mainstream

A built-in crypto wallet will be available in the PC browser. It supports Ethereum. Opera hopes this innovation will allow them to fulfill their goal of providing built-in features for users. Opera is determined to move technology forward.

Krystian Kolondra is Opera’s EVP browsers.

Opera strives to be at the forefront in innovation. We are working towards making crypto-integration mainstream. Blockchain technology is a powerful tool that can transform the internet of the future. We expect blockchain technology to be a major player in the coming years.

Charles Hamel is the Product Lead at Opera Crypto. He adds:

We eliminated the need to install separate extensions and apps by integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our browser. Opera has taken the second step in making cryptocurrencies mainstream by opening up its PC browser for crypto.

Use the mobile wallet on your PC

The Opera PC browser does not contain the cryptocurrency wallet. To use the cryptocurrency wallet, the PC browser must be used with an Android mobile browser.

To fully utilize the PC version, users will need to connect to both the mobile and the desktop browser versions. It is easy to establish this connection. To link them, users simply need to scan the QR code in their Opera PC browser.

The user spends the cryptocurrency via the browser on the computer, and confirms the transaction using their phone. To access your PC wallet, there is no password. To store keys, the phone uses a secure system lock. Additionally, the phone’s secure system lock can be used to store keys. Users will also sign for cryptocurrency transactions using their fingerprint, which significantly increases security.

Krystian Kolondra notes:

We wanted to make crypto payments easy and seamless on mobile so we searched for the best solution for computers. Our new mobile cryptocurrency wallet technology was the most effective way to make crypto payments easy on your smartphone. We also wanted to provide PC users with access to this solution.

You can store your CryptoKitties in the wallet, which supports tokens as well as collectibles. This is a positive development. A simple and accessible wallet for cryptocurrency can encourage widespread adoption. Although you cannot use your computer to make the payment, it is not an issue since most people have their smartphones close by. Opera for Android wallet can be controlled by the user, so all keys and controls are kept on your phone.

Are you planning to use the integrated cryptocurrency wallet with Opera PC browser? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Images from Shutterstock/ YouTube/@Opera.