Opera Tips & Tricks

Opera is the number one browser worldwide. It offers unique features like turbo mode, synchronization and more. This guide will help you maximize your Opera experience if this browser is used.


Opera doesn’t have the reset button, while other popular browsers offer it. You will need to perform the reset manually in order to restore it.

  • To open the Opera menu, click the button “About Opera” > locate it and click it.
  • You can find the sections “Path”, and you will be able to remember where the “Profile and Cache” were located in the new window.
  • Close Opera browser >> Navigate To System Disk (usually found on C drive) >> Users >> APD >> Local >> Opera Software>> Delete the folder.,Opera Stable.
  • Go to Users >>AppData >> Roaming >> Opera Software and delete the second file.

It is important to update software and devices because it allows for improvements and fixes.

  • You can click the Opera Menu and find “About Opera”. The current Opera version information will be displayed here.
  • You will see the current version available by refreshing the page. The new version will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • Once the installation is completed, click “Relaunch” to continue.

Opera is a great choice if you still have questions.

  • Navigate to the official site. Click on Download
  • Select “Run”.
  • To install, click on “Accept”.
  • Windows will direct you to System Settings >> Default Apps if the install goes well. You can click on Microsoft Edge to choose Opera Internet for your default browser.

Javascript is required sometimes to be able to open certain websites. To enable this feature in your browser you will need to follow these steps.

Opera will open any page. Click the Menu button to choose Settings. In the new window verify that JavaScript is allowed on all pages. If the button does not appear, then it is likely that JavaScript has been disabled.

The browser can be used to store your passwords so that you don’t have it to type again. But, what if you’ve forgotten the password after a period? Here are the steps to follow:

Opera Menu button > Settings > Privacy Security > Password. Click to open the Opera window. The asterisk will open this window, which allows you to see the passwords and logins. You can display numbers or letters by clicking “Show” once you have selected the field.

This feature offers many benefits, such as the ability to locate the same bookmarks across all browsers. Opera can be used on the office computer; you’ll find the same bookmarks on Opera when you go to home.

Opera Menu > Click on Synchronization. It will ask you to create an account.

Follow these steps to get rid of Opera if you are unhappy or no longer like it.

  • You can access the Control Panel by clicking “Program and Features”, then right-click on Opera Stable to find it. Click “Uninstall”, and mark “Delete Opera user Data” before you click “Uninstall”.
  • Search for the folder Opera in C.Program Files, and remove it.
  • Set File Explorer’s option to “Show hidden folders, files and drives”. To open the new window, click Start > File Explorer > click View > click Options.
  • You can click on “View” to open the Window. Enable the option “Show secret files, folders and drives”. Click “Apply”, > “OK”.
  • Then navigate to the first hidden folder – C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software and remove it.
  • Navigate to the second folder – C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Opera Software and remove it.

Opera allows you to hide images to conserve bandwidth. The steps for this are easy.

Click the Opera Menu button > click Settings > click Website > locate “Images Section > select “Do not display any images.”

Turbo mode can be used to speed up your Internet connection if you do not have an Internet connection. The only thing you will need to do is:

Opera settings menu > Click “Opera Turbo” to activate the Opera Turbo. The same steps can be used to deactivate it.

Too many adverts in your browser are not fun. They can even be very disturbing. Here are some steps to get rid of ads in Opera.

Start Opera by clicking on the Menu button >> Settings>>>>> The Opera Addons Page will open. Type AdBlock in the Search Box >> Click the Extension >> Select “Add Opera.” Once the process has been completed you will see “Installing AdBlock…Done” screen.

Opera allows you to create bookmarks.

Click on the URL >> Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + D to open the webpage. You can choose the folder of your choice.

Click on the heart icon to go back to your homepage. Once you have finished browsing, click again on the menu button and select the folder you wish.

This will enable you to install Google Chrome Extensions on Opera. These steps were so simple.

  • Opera button > click on “Get extensions” > Open the store extensions > Enter “Download chrome extension”.
  • Right-click the extension to launch Opera and then click “Add to Opera.”
  • Opera browser can now install Google Chore extensions once the installation is complete.

Opera Browser’s Speed Dial feature is quite interesting. You can adjust the speed dial by following these steps:

Opera menu button. Find “Settings”, and click “Browser”. In the new window find “Startpage” section. There you can add as many columns as you like. Close “Settings”, and click “+” again to open the new tab.

Opera browser can be used to translate webpages. You don’t need to know how, but we will demonstrate the steps.

You can click the Menu button >> Settings >> click Get Extentions >> next, enter “Google Translate” into the search field >> click the extention >> click Add To Opera.

The page can be translated by clicking the right click on it with the mouse. After that, you can click on Translate to translate the page into any language of your choice.

Opera browser works on computers owned by others. If your computer is not connected to the internet, Opera browser will work.

Go to Opera > Select “New private windows”.

Opera’s Auto-refresh feature is another useful option. The browser can automatically refresh pages. This saves you time.

  • Click on Opera Menu button, click “Get Extensions”, then enter text in search field “Page autoreload”, select first results from left, and click “Add To Opera”.
  • When the installation is complete, navigate to Menu> Extensions > Extension Manager. Click here to open the “options” of the “Page autoreload” add-on. Set the intervals, then click “Save”.
  • You can go to your website and right-click it. Then, find “Reload All” options.

Opera lets you easily alter the folder where your downloaded files are stored. Here’s how to do it:

Click on Menu button >> Basic Settings >> locate Downloads section >> select Download location, and then click on “Change”. Locate the appropriate folder which will serve as your default folder and where you will keep all files downloaded. Click “OK”.

This will change Opera’s Homepage.

  • The Opera menu button will open. Click “Settings”, then “Basic Settings”. You will have three choices.
  • Pick the option you choose.

YouTube is one website where you will find all sorts of videos. Sometimes you may find an interesting YouTube video you would like to download. You can download YouTube videos using Opera browser.

  • Opera > click the button to open “Get extensions”.
  • Search for “YouTube downloadeder”
  • Use the search button.
  • The icon will show you the add-on.
  • Next, click “Add to Opera”.
  • Once the order is placed, it will be completed.
  • When the process is completed, any YouTube video can be downloaded.
  • Opera can open YouTube videos in Opera by clicking on the “Download” link under the YouTube name.
  • Klick on the Download button
  • Pick the best quality video format.
  • Start downloading the video.

To move Opera from Opera to another browser you may need to export your bookmarks.

  • Enter this address ,,https://addons.opera.com/en/” into the address bar.
  • Search for “Bookmarks Import/Export”
  • You can click on this extension
  • Just click “Add to Opera”.
  • You will find a new icon on the top-right side of the browser after the extension is installed
  • The screen will appear with the import and export options. Click it to open.
  • The “Export” button will open a “Bookmarks.html” File in Opera “Downloads”.
  • The file can then be imported to any web browser.