Opera’s first iOS browser launches with Web 3 support, and Crypto Wallet

Opera Touch, the iOS blockchain-ready browser is now available to download. Opera has made Opera Web 3 ready across all major platforms with this update. This follows Opera’s recent addition of Crypto Wallet support for Android and PC.

Oslo – Opera Touch’s award winning iOS browser now supports Web 3 and crypto wallet integration. Opera has now added a Web 3 ready browser to its lineup of Web 3-ready browsers. It is compatible with Android, Windows Mac, Linux, and Linux. Opera Touch iOS lets you seamlessly connect with the new generation of Web 3 Applications on Ethereum.

Opera Touch was awarded the Red Dot Design Award, and the Golden IF Design Award.

Ethereum is an emerging protocol which allows users to transact and developers can create decentralized apps that allow for the practical application of the technology. Opera is compatible with all ERC-20 tokens. It also supports stablecoins.

Opera Touch iOS for Android with Crypto Wallet supports Ethereum Web3 API. Opera Touch is similar to Opera browser for Android.

“We think all modern browsers need to integrate a crypto wallet. This will open up new opportunities for business on the Internet. Opera is the first browser which makes it easy to use crypto online. “We are now offering this experience on iOS because of strong demand from the crypto community,” Charles Hamel said, Head Crypto at Opera browsers.

HTML3 – The web of value

Web 3 describes a collection of new technologies that combine cryptocurrencies and blockchains with distributed systems. Together, they expand the Web’s functionality in meaningful ways. This includes direct peer to peer payments, for instance, between websites and users.

Opera is convinced that today’s Web could be the gateway to tomorrow’s decentralized Web 3 (Web 3). The browser’s integrated Crypto Wallet has the potential for Opera to renew and expand its vital role as a tool that can access information online, conduct transactions online, and give users more control over their online identities.

Web 3 and Cryptocurrencies in the Main

Web 3 is still in the early stages of adoption. This includes a lack of understanding by users about new terminology and difficulties in installing cryptocurrency.

Opera’s entry into the cryptocurrency world almost a full year ago was difficult because people had to download special applications or extensions in order to access Web 3 and use cryptocurrencies online. Charles Hamel said, “Our browsers remove this friction.”


Opera has teamed up with Marble.Cards to release the new and exciting dApp.

Marble.Cards converts websites into digital collectible cards. Any URL can be converted into a card. But it is limited to one. Every Marble card is therefore unique. This is because these tokens, which are not fungible (NFTs), can be stored on Ethereum. You can use a potential URL to create a Marble Card. This allows you to trade or buy it and play with it. Marble cards that have been created by other users can also be bought. The dApp can be accessed via the built in share feature and displayed on the browser’s Speed dial. This allows users to create custom Marble cards by choosing URLs.

Johan Unger from Marble.Cards stated, “At Marble.Cards we want to allow people to create unique digital cards based upon anything from the Internet.” Opera’s Web 3 support has been a benchmark for browsers, and we were thrilled to be featured in their iOS release. We are hopeful that as many people will create new Marble cards.

Opera Touch includes a number of great features and a beautiful design

Opera Touch is a new web browser. It has a unique user interface that’s optimized for large-screen smartphones. The navigation can be moved to the bottom. Opera Touch offers a variety of features such as the “My Flow” function that allows people to easily share sites and notes between multiple devices.

The adaptive home screen displays the latest tabs from your PC browser after the connection between Touch & Touch has been established.

Opera Touch is a beautiful

Opera Touch offers two themes: light and dark. There is also a cutting-edge design throughout. The private mode offers more privacy when surfing the Web. Users can also use the handy cookie dialog blocker to get rid of annoying prompts that keep them from accessing any content on the Web.

More information about Opera Touch can be found here.

Steps to Get Started

Opera Touch, the Apple App store for Apple devices, is required to be installed in order to experience the web of the future. They will also have to buy Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH), and keep it in their Opera Crypto Wallet.

Users can now access Web 3 apps from the dApp store once the cryptocurrency is saved. These Web 3 apps are accessible through the browser’s speed dial.

Building in Progress

Opera released its first Web-3-ready browser on Android in December 2018, and it was available for download here. In April 2019, , a Norwegian company introduced Web 3support for its PC browser.

About Opera

Opera, founded in Norway 1995, delivers digital content discovery and browsers to over 350 million users worldwide. This rapidly expanding company is still one of most creative browser makers in the world. Opera has been listed under the OPRA ticker symbol on Nasdaq.