Opinion: Why I Believe BAT Will Fly. Brave Of Me

Although there are many crypto coins with solid foundations in the crypto community, we rarely see any new cryptocurrency just jump right onto the top 50 after hitting the exchanges. A crypto that had an enormous partner backing it was the one to achieve this feat. The BAT token is going to continue to grow in popularity.

Brave is the ultimate privacy browser. This amazing browser has been well-adapted for use on multiple platforms, from Windows OS to Android. Brave adopted the BAT method to compensate the Brave community. The original idea was to earn viewers to different content creators creations and to tip according to the viewer…

Brave and Brave are making progress, particularly since Brave users now have the ability to earn Brave by viewing advert notifications that don’t interrupt their content creation. Brave is opening the door to a new universe of crypto-goodness. Brave is also able to earn BAT for viewing non-intrusive advert notifications. This is a bonus because it’s easy to grasp and second nature.

The adoption of a great Crypto Wallet that could sync with Brave was a slow process. But now, with Uphold Wallet’s arrival it’s easy to update Brave Browser and then download Uphold Wallet. After you’ve signed up you can sync Uphold with your Brave Account. Hit the Triangle BAT Logo in Brave Browser’s search/url bar to see Uphold Wallets Synced at the top left… stating ‘Wallet Verified’.

Updates are vital as Brave moves forward and BAT adoption by websites is increasing. Content creators also need to update their Brave accounts. Brave has also gained new users. It was then possible to spend or start hodling BAT. Recent crypto-exchanges have also seen it in use.

The BAT Cryptocurrency has evolved tremendously since its launch in March 2017 and is now one of the most adaptable and smartest. Due to its Ethereum-based Advertising Token, BAT is very popular. It’s often the first choice for advertisers when choosing a crypto token. Brave Users have been very supportive of advertising in Brave Browser. They also see an odd and strange relationship between Brave Users (and Advertisers). Brave has been a great tool for me. Not only am I paid healthy BAT per month but there are some really cool techy ads that I have seen.

Brave now offers an online marketplace where BAT can be spent.

BAT is still quite young, however it is progressing with many exciting Dapps expected to be released in the coming years. BAT is a token that has moved at a rapid pace with Brave adoption. It can benefit in its usage, business models, and overall value. As the Smart Contract Advert Token and now as my #1 hodl, I have definitely been interested in BAT’s workings.

To reduce a long story to a few bites of soup: BAT is still not showing its full potential – the coming year will witness some brilliant advances with Brave’s Basic Attention Token Team and Brave. Along with new partners and developers, every day Brave Browser is growing. Only time will tell if the BAT rises to the top of those charts.

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