Pantone has chosen two colors as the colour of 2021

Pantone named Ultimate Gray and Illuminating as their colours of choice for the year 2021.

Pantone in America believes that pairing shades can help people feel more confident and clearer, especially when the world is facing increasing uncertainty.

Illuminating’s bright yellow tone is supposed to bring out the “optimistic promise a sunny-filled day”, while Ultimate Gray describes “comfort, steadiness, strength and resilience”.

Pantone suggests that this colour could almost be considered to be comparable with long-lasting natural elements, such as beach pebbles or time-worn stones.

Leatrice Eiseman from the Pantone Color Institute, stated: “The use of two different colours highlights how diverse elements work together to communicate a message that strength and optimism is both enduring yet uplifting.”

“Practical yet rock-solid, but also warming and optimistic. This color combination is what gives us strength and hope,” she added.

“We must feel motivated and uplifted. This is crucial to human spirit.”

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Another company has chosen similar affirming hues for its 2021 colour of the year, citing 2020’s turbulent year.

Dulux launched Brave Ground their paint color several months ago. The earthy brown hue is said to be inspired by nature’s strength and reflect our increasing desire to connect with it.

Pantone’s Color of the YEAR has never been in a duo. For 2016, it chose Rose Quartz (a pale pink) and Serenity (a light blue).

Classic Blue was chosen as the color of the year by the company for 2020. While the color was described as an “universal favourite”, it also encouraged “calm and confidence” through connection. However, Michelle Ogundehin from Dezeen criticized Classic Blue for not reflecting a “supremely anxiety and confusing era”.