Queen Elinor

Do-Gooder Man

Keep Full Name Elinor Alias Queen Elinor Origin Brave Occupation Queen DunBroch Skills/Powers

Correct etiquette Skilled in Weaving and Stitching

Hobby: Strong and durable, along with hunting skills (as a bear hunter).

Nagging Merida (formerly). Spending time at home with her family. Goals

Merida, the bride you should make to unify the clans. You will be cured from her bear-curse. Family King Fergus (husband), Prince Merida (daughter), Harris Hubert (sons), and Hamish Hamish (sons). Allies/Friends Lord Macintosh. King Fergus. Merida. Harris. Hubert. and Hamish. Lord MacGuffin Lord Dingwall. Young Macintosh. Wee Dingwall Enemies Mor’du. Type of Hero

Fear of the Cursed Monarch

Bond Protector

“We cannot run from the truth of who we are. ,, Queen Elinor

From Disney’s Brave 2012, Queen Elinor plays the role of deuteragonist.

Merida is her mother. Fergus is his wife. As a visionary of grace and wisdom, Queen Elinor has devoted her life to the welfare of her kingdom. Elinor, as the calm, diplomatic counterpart to Fergus’s more aggressive personality, carries the entire weight of the kingdom upon her shoulders, in order to preserve the fragile peace between volatile clans. Elinor tries to instill in Merida knowledge and manners that would be appropriate for a monarch, hoping she will have a full commitment to Elinor’s standards. Her vision of Merida’s future conflicts with Merida’s rebellion and her desire to find her own way, leading to Elinor suffering terrible consequences. Mor’du died because she was the one to blame. Gaelic for “shining light”, her name is Mor’du.

Emma Thompson is the voice of Emma Thompson. Frank Welker created the sound effects for Emma Thompson’s bear voice. Satu Silvo (who played Snow Queen) voices the Finn dub.



Elinor and Merida are first seen playing hide and seek on Elinor’s birthday. Elinor notices King Fergus and Merida’s bow at the table. She asks Fergus to put the bow away until Fergus gives Merida her own bow. Elinor is nervous as Merida miss shoots the sixth arrow in the forest. Elinor then runs to recover it. Merida says that she had seen Will O’ The Wisps. Fergus doubts it. Elinor claims that wisps can lead people to their destiny, while Merida agrees. Suddenly Mor’du attacks and Elinor, Merida and Fergus flee, but Fergus remains behind to battle the demon bear.

Merida becomes a teenager years later. Elinor is determined to make Merida a true princess, even though Merida objected. Elinor corrected Merida at dinner about Merida being a princess. She also admitted that she didn’t believe a princess shouldn’t have weapons. Elinor sends Merida three letters from Maudie. She informs Merida about the Lords’ intention to bring their sons to her to be her suitors.

Merida rebels and storms out from the Great Hall, hurling herself into her bedroom. Elinor then chases her. Elinor walks into Merida’s room and tells her of the tale of a king that divided his kingdom so each of the four sons could rule, but the oldest wanted to control the entire country. He brought about chaos and war which led to his kingdom being destroyed. Merida is resistant to listening to Elinor who encourages her to proceed with it. However, Merida continues to resist the idea. Elinor, who is still in the tapestry rooms sewing her family tapestry, talks to Fergus and asks her what she’d say to her daughter if they would listen.

After arriving in DunBroch, Elinor makes Merida a strict formal outfit and then tells her not to smile. They all meet in the Great Hall where they will present their suitors. The Lords present their sons, and there is a brawl. Merida seems less pleased than Elinor. King Fergus stops the fighting but then it explodes again due to mischief from the triplets. Fergus is then drawn into the battle. Elinor does not like the outcome and grabs Fergus. The Highland Games began when Merida announced that archery was her choice.

Elinor wishes all three of the competitors good luck when the contest begins. While each suitor shoots arrows she attempts to disarm Fergus and Merida, chatting about all the different suitors. Until Wee Dingwall accidentally wins. Merida arrives on the field and announces she will shoot her own arrows to Elinor’s shock. Elinor comes out onto the field, telling Merida not to shoot into the bullseyes. Merida is furious when Merida fires through WeeDingwall’s target arrow.

Elinor drags Merida to the tapestry and throws her in there. Merida then cuts off Elinor’s tapestry and throws it to the floor. Elinor is furious and the bow lands on the hearth. Merida, in tears, runs from Elinor’s castle. Elinor then quickly takes the bow out of the fire and feels awfully guilty.

Elinor sees Merida return home later in the evening and goes into the kitchen to relieve herself. Elinor gets a slice of cake as a false peace offer and enjoys it. Then she suddenly starts to feel sick. Merida goes to Elinor’s chamber, where she puts her down until Elinor turns into a bear. Merida, Elinor, had witnessed the Witch. Elinor, horrified, transforms into a bear and roars in anguish in her face. Fergus, Fergus, and the clans are alerted. Merida and her brothers help Elinor get out of the castle. The Witch is missing from their return journey to her cottage. After they return to the Witch’s cottage, the Witch’s cauldron is found with an image of Elinor telling them that either they break the spell before the next sunrise or Elinor will be forever a bear. Merida hears the Witch telling her that it’s best to recall the riddle, “Fate be altered look inside and repair the damage done by pride.” Merida inadvertently sabotage the cottage. Elinor, Merida and Elinor then take shelter in the cottage for the night. Merida is having a nightmare about Elinor, a childhood memory she has of Merida singing together “Noble Maiden Fair”.

Elinor returns the next day with some fruit and water. Merida then explains to Elinor that the Nightshade berries are toxic and the water contains worms. Elinor has to throw them out. Merida and Elinor go to the stream to catch a fish. Merida shows Elinor how to catch one and then they begin to bond. Merida chases Elinor through the forest, where she discovers Elinor isn’t herself. She nearly assaults her until Elinor regains consciousness. Following Will O’the Wisps’ trail, they arrive at the castle ruins. Merida is thrown through the floor, landing in a room called the “Throne Room”. She then realizes it’s the kingdom Elinor told her about. Merida spots a three-figure stone and a fourth figure split in two stones. Merida realizes this is the curse that occurred before, when the prince attempted to reverse his fate. He became Mor’du. When she looks up, Mor’du attacks her. Elinor assists her and she flees to the Ring of Stones. Merida is certain that Elinor will be just like Mor’du if she doesn’t sew the tapestry together to “mend a bond torn with pride” and hopes this will help her break the curse.

The two of them sneaked into the castle beneath the castle through a hole. After they have escaped through the kitchen, they enter the Great Hall, where Fergus, Fergus, and the Lords are hiding behind barricades, with their clans flying through the air. Merida is trying to convince Elinor to stop them, but Elinor can’t. Merida has to put an end to this madness. Merida comes in the room to see Elinor pose as Fergus’ bear-stuffed friend. Merida comes into the room to tell them she was with Elinor. Merida stops them from seeing the queen, but they insist on being seen by their Lords. She tells the Lords about the incident with the selfish prince that caused havoc in the land. The clans, who had previously been adversaries, regrouped to defend their territories from the Northern Invaders. After winning the war, they made Fergus their ruler to unite them and declared alliance. Elinor gives Merida the message from Elinor that they must follow their hearts to find their true love. This is what the Lords’ boys agree to and tell their fathers that it was not in their nature to want to fight with a girl who does not want anything. All of them agree. Elinor was proud of Merida. Merida disorients the group by telling them to head to the cellar for a celebration. Elinor joyfully hugs her daughter after they leave.

Merida was looking for threads and needles when Elinor became wild and Fergus entered the room. After realizing that Elinor’s wife had disappeared, and that her clothes were torn and missing, Fergus attacked him. Merida realizes Elinor has injured Merida, so she snaps back. Merida tried to tell Fergus it was Elinor. But he didn’t believe her and locked Elinor in the tapestry to protect him and the Lords. Elinor, Fergus, Fergus’s sons, and soldiers following her run through the forest. Fergus has captured Elinor, and she is just about to kill her. Merida interrupts.

Mor’du is suddenly visible and begins attacking Fergus as well as the soldiers. Elinor frees herself from the ropes, saves Merida and begins fighting Mor’du. Elinor is able to ram Elinor into a stone and then Elinor lures Elinor to smash the second cracked stone. This causes him to be crushed to the ground. The prince appears as a wisp from their bodies. Merida recognizes it to be the second sunrise. She grabs the tapestry, throws it around Elinor and realizes what’s going on. Merida is devastated when she realizes that she has failed. She tearsfully embraces her mother and tells her she loves her. When the tapestry seals, Merida is able to feel Elinor’s hand touch her hair. Elinor, so proud and happy that she can’t stop kissing her daughter, is so pleased. Fergus comes to Elinor and hugges his daughter and wife. Merida reminds Merida she is naked beneath the tapestry. Elinor tells Fergus that the three triplets are now humans and run naked to hug their sisters and parents.

Merida, Elinor, and Elinor will later create a new tapestry with Merida as Elinor, Merida being a bear and Elinor as Elinor, before they go to the docks. After saying goodbye to their Lords, the two of them ride on horses to travel around Scotland strengthening their relationship.

Once Upon a Time

Elinor’s husband Fergus, a Camelot invader, is killed. Elinor becomes widowed, and Merida, her daughter, takes over as queen of DunBroch. But the clans believe that a woman cannot rule herself and so rebel and kidnap Harris Hubert and Hamish. But Merida and Belle rescue the boys after months of continuous questing and bring them home.

Memorable Quotes

“A princess never places her weapons on the tables. This is a,

I believe that a princess should have no weapons. The following is a list:

Merida: All the work. The time I spent getting you prepared, training you, and giving me everything that I never had. Ask me this question: What can you expect of us? You can read more about it here.

“If only you could see my love, then I would be happy if you just tried. This is,




Kenai is very similar to Queen Elinor, as both of them are human beings who have been turned into bears by a curse.