Review on the First Blockchain Smartphone: Only Crypto can Buy it

December 10th, it was announced that HTC Exodus 1 the first crypto phone would come with the Brave Blockchain browser. Brendan Eich (co-founder, CEO and founder of Brave Software) wrote about the matter on his tweet. DeCenter discovered how the digital analog of Google Chrome would look different from other browsers like Safari and Google Chrome. Also, he determined whether an additional device to support cryptocurrency was needed.

First Crypto Smartphone

“We believe we are able to rebuild the Internet together through empowering the citizens to own their assets, identity, and personal data.” This is the description of HTC Exodus 1, a brand new blockchain smartphone model. It was developed in May 2018, and the model was officially presented at an event in Berlin in October.

Phil Chen co-founder HTC called upon community members to support the project. Developers were also invited to contribute to the enhancements of Exodus 1 Vitalik Buterin is the creator of Ethereum. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin and Christopher Allen, both emphasized that crypto wallet security is a key factor in widespread adoption.

Due to support from well-known projects, such as Ethereum or Litecoin (ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin), the blockchain smartphone may be purchased only in 34 countries for cryptocurrencies. A crypto smartphone’s price is not fixed. It used to cost around $1,000 in October at the time it was released. However, the current price is only half of that due to the decline in the interest rate.

Exodus 1 can now be purchased using Litecoin. This was done on December 5. Charlie Lee once more stressed that the cost of Exodus 1 in cryptocurrency equivalent wouldn’t change.

HTC Exodus 1 models are based on the use of both blockchain technology and smartphones. This makes it easy for users to always have their smartphone with them. This makes the HTC Exodus 1 look just like a regular phone. Specifications of the new HTC U12+ are exactly the same.

Android Oreo-based smartphones have a 6-inch Quad HD+ LCD display with an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The RAM has 6 GB and the flash drive 128 GB. The battery’s capacity is 3,500mAh.

Secure Enclave’s security coprocessor has been integrated to the model. It allows users hide or secure their data in the embedded crypto wallet. It can also store access keys to the system. The recovery key, which will allow you to access your system keys in the event of theft or loss of your smartphone after connecting initial separated seed phrases, is available.

Schematic representation of the crypto smartphone.


What exactly is the Default Brave Blockchain Browser browser?

Brendan Eich, co-founder and CEO for Brave Software and creator of JavaScript programming languages and Mozilla Firefox’s browser, said, “We are very pleased to have Brave be our default browser”.

Brave’s browser creation story started when Brian Bondi (Brave Software) presented an alternative to the widespread system where users are provided with content for free, in return for advertising. This is how many publishers and creators of content around the World Wide Web were supported.

Eich claimed network is dangerous as advertisers fight for user data. Internet users often leave personal information that is too detailed. This data can then be used for advertising purposes on the sites visited.

Brave’s web browser will block intrusive ads by default, and then replace them with an easily programmable user-programmable adblock to not overload your device. Brave is willing to use Brave Rewards’ payment system to purchase BAT tokens for blocking certain types of ads and for setting up other kinds.

The video from Brave compares three browsers, and according to the representatives of the company, their product leads in browsing speeds.


The functionality of sending coins internally is in an initial test phase. Brave users can connect to the system and sign partnerships with advertiser and will also be reported for malicious advertising. Brave users need to register on the Brave platform in order to receive BAT payment. Once the tokens are received, the tokens can also be converted into fiat cash.

A graphical layout of the network and the BAT token payout scheme inside the Brave browser.


HTC found Brave attractive because of the new approach it took to advertising. The company, co-founder Phil Chen stated, is currently facing a financial crisis. appeared skeptical by Ars Technica as well as other critics about Brave’s advertising strategy. It was described like this: “Ripping of a double lottery, and Brave generally looks like robbery.”

Brave boasts approximately 4.7million users across Android and iOS. It may be crucial for two companies to make deals with one another, as they have potential customers. A browser generates its income from traffic.